Steve Jobs, the basic principles of success

Hello, dear habropolzovateli. I have been reading your articles for quite some time and learned a lot thanks to them - thank you for that.

As you know, recently the world has lost a great man - Steve Jobs. Yes, it was hard to believe ... He made the world a better place and how much more he could do for us. I want to share my thoughts with you and tell you how Steve Jobs changed my life - about the principles that he adhered to and thanks to which he achieved such success.

Following these principles, your life will take on a new meaning. Such a life will energize you, and every day you will begin to make the world a better place, as Steve Jobs did: “We are here to contribute to this world. Otherwise, why are we here? ”

1. Do not waste time

Think about what you spend every minute of every day.

Watching TV lying on the couch? Sit in the office 8 hours a day, taking your time doing work that you don't like?

After all, we have allotted so little time. Let's count: in Russia, an average person lives 70 years - 3640 weeks. If we subtract the time we spend on sleep (⅓ of our lives), as well as the first few years of childhood, which we do not really remember, less than 2000 weeks remain. And what can we say about 70 years, few people live so much in our time.

Steve Jobs on his personal example gives us some good tips:
“For the last 33 years, I looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: If today is the last day in my life, will I do what I planned for today?” [Speech to Stanford Alumni, 2005 ]

“Remembering that I will die soon is a great tool that helped me make all the most important decisions in my life.” [ Speech to Stanford Alumni, 2005 ]

And how is your day? Start to value time and you will leave a mark in the universe.

2. Find the goal and exalt it.

“Only having a goal brings meaning and satisfaction to life. This not only helps to improve health and longevity, but also gives you a drop of optimism in difficult times. ”

Do you have a goal in life with the thought of which you wake up with joy in the morning?

Many people will answer - “Of course, I want more money!”. But think about whether you really want this? For what?

As Steve Jobs said: "I do not want to be the richest person in the cemetery."

And here many can answer: “Money is needed to improve the quality of life of my family. Make them happier. ”

There is already some sense. We all want to be happy and, giving happiness to loved ones, we become even happier. But we can make other people happier, even those we don’t know.

For example, you work as a sales assistant in a grocery store. The goal should not be - to sell to the buyer a product that is more expensive, and get a big bonus from it. Work for the buyer, help him find what he wants, advise him the best product possible, smile and give positive. People will be grateful to you, and you yourself will become even happier. You will love your work.

And so in almost any business - do it for a good purpose, help people, improve the world, and life will make sense.

“We eat food that other people grow. We wear clothes that other people have sewn. We speak languages ​​that were invented by other people. I think the time has come for us to become useful to humanity. ”

Serving people is the ultimate goal of life.

3. Follow your heart and believe in yourself

“There is only one way to do a great job - to love it. If you haven’t come to this, wait. Do not rush to the cause. ”

Be sure to listen to your heart and your conscience, they will never deceive you and offer the best option. If an event occurs that affects us, emotions are instantly born, and only then the mind turns on. And this is no accident: listen to these emotions - they give us very valuable information.

If, when you think about doing something, you have a fire inside that makes your eyes glow and you feel uplifted, then you should do it. Reason can tell you the opposite - “why do I need this ?! they pay little for this work, ”or, even worse,“ it’s impossible, I won’t succeed, ”but don’t listen to him. Take the first step, if you feel even greater rise, do not stop.

“Do what you love. Look for an activity that will give you a sense of meaning, determination and life satisfaction. Having a goal and striving for its realization brings order to life, ”advises Steve Jobs.

“Your time is limited, do not waste it, living a different life. Do not fall for the creed that exists in the thinking of others. Do not let the eyes of others drown your own inner voice. And it is very important to have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. One way or another, they already know what you really want to do. Everything else is secondary. ”

Believe in yourself, nothing is impossible for you. There is probably such a law: if a very interesting idea has arisen in your head that no one has yet implemented, almost everyone around you will look at you as a madman and tell you: "This is impossible, give up this venture." Close your ears and get down to business. Your only adviser is your heart. Believe him, and you will surely succeed.

4. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Errors are an important component of our life path. Without making mistakes, you cannot move forward, as if one mistake is one step of a child who learns to walk. And with each such step you acquire the necessary skills and abilities, shape your personality, temper it. Learn to walk, otherwise your goal will remain somewhere in the distance.

Steve Jobs really knew the benefits that our mistakes bring: “I am one of the few people who knows what it means to lose a quarter billion dollars a year. It forms a personality very well. ”

“ There is no such thing as a successful person who has never stumbled and made mistakes - there are only successful people who made mistakes, but then changed their lives and their plans based on these same mistakes earlier mistakes (not allowing them to continue). They consider mistakes a lesson from which they learn valuable experience. To not make mistakes means to do nothing. ”

5. Think creatively, be creative

As Hugh McLaod said: “Everyone was born a creative person. In the kindergarten, everyone was given a box of pencils. ” Why do many forget about such an important and necessary quality? If you forgot about him, it's time to revive him in yourself. Develop creative thinking, as a creative and unique solution to the problem makes life more interesting.

“Creativity is simply the creation of connections between things. When creative people are asked how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they did not actually do anything, but simply noticed. It becomes clear to them over time. They were able to connect different pieces of their experience and synthesize something new. This is because they have experienced and seen more than others, or because they reflect more on this. "

6. Stay humble

Do not try to stand out from the crowd, do not strive for fame - the only way you can save yourself and the integrity of your personality. Do not waste your energy on meaningless.

“Looking back, I can say that my dismissal from Apple was the best event in my life. I got rid of the burden of a successful person and regained the ease and doubt of a beginner. It set me free and marked the beginning of my most creative period. ”[ Speech to Stanford Alumni, 2005 ]

“ Remain Hungry, Remain Reckless. ”[ Speech to Stanford Alumni, 2005 ]

7. Live in Present

Do not look back, especially to adversity and disappointment. Do not rush towards the future. Live a state of "here and now" (a state of flow) and at the same time go to your goal, then you will certainly know what it means to be a successful and happy person.

“Live the life you choose and where you yourself are the master of your destiny,” - Steve Jobs, a man who changed the world.

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