Runetology (119): Ontico CEO Oleg Bunin

    Oleg Bunin - about his work in Rambler and NewsMedia Stars, about how to start work on a high-loaded project, who is a software architect and his role in development, how to cope with DDoS attacks, as well as who actually wrote the software VKontakte code.

    Guest Interview:
    • What are high-load projects?
    • How is Oleg Bunin looking for customers?
    • How much can a software architect save for a company?
    • How to deal with DDoS attacks? “Your site should be designed in such a way as not to notice DDoS.”
    • What are the fundamental differences between the Russian and Western approaches to the development of highly loaded projects?
    • Which projects require team building, and which ones are easier to outsource?
    • What is the main task of a professional conference of web developers HighLoad ++?

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