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    We are sure that many of you use Twitter , and so, ours are there too!
    Today we will give you a complete list of microblogging experts from Kaspersky Lab, and season them with interesting characteristics so that you understand what you will miss if you do not follow each of them.
    They write in different languages, although, basically, of course, in English. We hope this fact will not scare anyone away, and even, on the contrary, will attract Russian-speaking IT polyglots.

    UPD: Now you can find the full list of blogs and twitter from our experts on the Leading Analysts page on our website. The link can always be found in the corresponding section on the right! >>

    AccountNumber of followersCharacteristic
    ryanaraine5939Ryan Naraine - our most active expert on hackers and security, writes a lot on the case.
    e_kaspersky ( e_kaspersky_ru )2859Eugene Kaspersky - in addition to posts about threats and products, the leader famously writes about travels, and this is not only trips to IT conferences!
    nicolasbrulez1599Nicolas Brulez - retweets, replays, links to antivirus articles. Specialization: Twitter Threats, Facebook threats, General malware trends.
    craiu1545Costin Raiu is our anti-virus expert from Romania. He writes almost every day on topics: Online banking, General malware trends, JavaScript attacks.
    stefant1476Stefan Tanase is an expert from Romania. He writes about targeted attacks, global security trends, infected websites, social security, phishing, botnets, and attacks on banking systems.
    dennisf1037Dennis Fisher is an American market specialist. “Dear Diary” about the latest exhibitions and conferences of anti-virus topics, which he visited.
    assolini1019Fabio Assolini is a private account of a Brazilian expert. Specialization: phishing and other attacks on the Brazilian financial system, social engineering and security in social networks (including Orkut).
    jorgemieres824Jorge Mieres - for those who know both English and Spanish - our expert from Argentina.
    dimitribest783Dmitry Bestuzhev is an expert from Ecuador. Most tweets are in Spanish. Specialization: Online fraud, banking Trojans, social engineering, international security.
    schouw601Roel Schouwenberg - an expert from America, writes about the vulnerabilities of Adobe and others. Specialization: antivirus testing standards, Adobe security, corporate and political espionage with targeted attacks.
    cteodor338Teodor Cimpoesu is the managing director of the Romanian office, mainly reposting important news from the world of information security.
    k_sec293Kurt Baumgartner - an American reporter, writes about viruses, conducts Twitter broadcasts from attended conferences. Specialization: botnets, cyber espionage, targeted attacks, Java malware and security updates, cloud security.
    codelancer235Alexander Gostev is the main antivirus expert. He writes both in Russian and in English. Specialization: international trends in cybercrime, cyber espionage, corporate threats, malware for mobile.
    k1k_150Sergey Golovanov is a lot and well-writing expert in the LC. Specialization: malware in online games, botnets, social networks, Mac OS, Unix OS threats.
    trompi144Vicente Diaz is our expert from Barcelona. Mobile malware, social networks, banking, IT security for machines, exploits.
    kuzbari93Tarek Kuzbari - Managing Director of the Milddle East & Turkey office, as a business person, is not too focused on the technical side of IT.
    maksyms78Maxim Shchipka is our expert in London. He rarely writes. Specialization: spam, phishing, cloud technology.
    vkamluk43Vitaliy Kamlyuk - closed account. Vitaly's specialization is quite wide, he writes about botnets, behavior of malware, Internet attacks.
    micham38Michael Molsner, our Japanese expert, covers topics such as spam, phishing, antiphishing, fake antiviruses.

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