Washington County schools use fingerprint scanners

    Most foreign schools use identification cards for their students, so far we are silent about domestic schools. Such cards serve as a means of identifying the identity of the student, plus they help to keep track of the total number of students in an educational institution (both by class and in general). But more recently, Washington County, Florida, USA schools have begun using fingerprint scanners. So now it’s impossible to use a friend’s card, and it’s also impossible to say “yes” when checking absent people instead of truant.

    Fingerprint scanners were put into operation from the very beginning of the school year. And now the leadership of educational institutions in the specified district also plans to install such scanners in school buses. The new student metering technology program is highly praised by local experts who expect a lot from such a system. Most of the students are probably not very happy with such tricks of officials.

    By the way, not so long ago at Mythbusters the guys checked a couple of fingerprint systems. One of them is a fingerprint scanner on some laptop, and the second is some kind of super-smart lock for the same super-smart door. Interestingly, the scanner on the laptop was deceived only after creating a three-dimensional fingerprint of another person using gel. They fought over this scanner for a couple of days. But the lock was very easy to deceive - it was opened even when a black-and-white scan of a fingerprint (naturally drawn) was applied on plain paper.

    I wonder how reliable a similar system is currently working in Washington County schools? If the scanners installed there are as reliable as the Mythbusters lock, then, I'm afraid, officials will not be able to improve school attendance. Students will quickly find “holes” that they will use.

    Via Dvice

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