A new course on development for Windows Phone, updating Windows Phone Center and all-all-all ...

    Every time I am going to write an article, especially if it is part of the course, I try to understand who needs it and how they will use it. And when my colleagues suggested that I take up writing a small introductory course on developing for Windows Phone, the first thing I did was look at all the available materials claiming to be a training course or book. Despite the fact that the Windows Phone platform is quite young, there are a lot of materials on it, both Russian-speaking and English-speaking.

    Most of them, in my opinion, have one and the same problem: lack of balance between the “theoretical” part, the practical part, plus examples of applications that are too complicated because they are trying to demonstrate to us the use of technology in a supposedly real environment. Therefore, those who are going to understand a certain part of the technology are forced to either blindly copy pieces of code or spend time sorting out technologies that create the “reality” of the environment of the examples. This is certainly good. In theory. And in practice, this means that instead of following the learning path, you need to deal with technologies that you better start understanding later.

    Based on the foregoing, I started writing a new Russian-language course on developing for Windows Phone, the first 6 articles of which are already available on MSDN:

    1. Development Toolkit, Templates, and First Application
    2. Layout options, basic controls, and input context
    3. Using platform features
    4. Local data storage and work with HTTP
    5. Application Lifecycle, Background Services, and Multitasking
    6. Alerts, Live Tiles and Push Notification

    I used this course as the basis of the course on developing for Windows Phone during the evening school of Windows Phone , which took place every Thursday September in the Moscow office of Microsoft and which everyone could attend for free. By the way, we plan to continue this initiative, so that the school becomes accessible not only to Muscovites, but also that after graduating from the school, as in the usual one, you will receive a certificate after the final exams :)

    For the convenience of the developers, 6 articles are divided into topics, on which can be accessed directly from the main page of the Windows Phone Development Center :

    In addition to the fact that the flow of materials has significantly changed in the Windows Phone development center, instructions have been added for publishing applications in the Marketplace , an article on the design of applications for Windows Phonr in the Metro style , an introduction to the development of games on XNA for Windows Phone .

    I received a fairly large number of positive reviews on this course and wishes for its continuation and addition. Work continues. I plan to write at least 4 more articles and supplement the articles with brief video demos.

    By publishing this article on the hub, I want to take the opportunity, get feedback from those who use or plan to take this or a similar course. Write your wishes, suggestions and comments, I will try to take them into account when writing the following articles of the course.

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