Congratulations on the holiday of the Programmer and Programmer!


    Today is 256 days a year, which means that every programmer can confidently say - this is my day!

    On the eve of the day of the Programmer, we conducted a survey of experts. As you know, the day of the Programmer is celebrated 256 days a year. We decided to divide this figure into two more, symbolic 32 and 8, and ask experts a few questions about the future of the IT industry: what will become of us in 8 and 32 years? Below, our view of the great future of IT.

    After 8 years:

    - Computers will miniaturize even more and will finally and irrevocably enter our lives. A PC, as a term, will actually die, in its place will come specialized substitutes integrated in different spheres of life;

    - Existing programming languages ​​will begin to yield to specialized macro languages. But overall, the situation will not change. In the arena there will be all the same languages ​​as now;

    - programmers will finally become the most popular profession, especially among young professionals;

    - The Internet will spread to many areas of life. The vast majority of all devices will be integrated into the network. The Internet will absorb all the other media formats (TV, radio etc.);

    - sites will become less standard (that is, they will not necessarily meet W3C standards), even more focused on mobile services and devices, and more heavyweight (given the development of data transfer speeds on the network, this will cease to be a problem);

    After 32 years:

    - the term computer, like a PC, will practically become a thing of the past. Computers will begin to infiltrate directly into the human brain. The active use of the capacities of the human brain will begin when interacting with a computer. Specialized computers come very close to artificial intelligence. They will begin to trust more and more responsible work and decision-making;

    - although programming languages ​​will continue to be used and improved, in fact, programming will be reduced to controlling the processes of machines;

    - programmers will remain one of the most influential professions in the world;)

    - the network will finally supplant all media formats. TV, radio, all of this will be part of the network. Of course, the introduction of tactile sensations into the network will begin. The integration of a person into the Internet will begin, and not the Internet into a person’s life;

    - sites will become as interactive as possible. In fact, instead of sites, there will be separate, for each consumer, artificial persons.

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