The all-new Evernote for Mac 3.0, Lion version

    We were pleased with the release of the new Mac OS X Lion operating system, and not only because of the updates and many new ideas and functions, but also because the new release is part of the convergence of the mobile and computer OS.

    This idea of ​​Apple inspired us a lot in creating today's update for Evernote for Mac.

    You can download Evernote for Mac Lion from our website or from the Mac App Store

    Lion'ification Evernote

    We made a number of interesting design changes specifically for the new OS. If you have one of the previous versions of Mac OS, then with the update you will receive a number of internal improvements, but you will not be able to see the visual and functional news described below.

    Completely new look
    The first thing you notice after installation is the completely redesigned Evernote interface. We adopted the new look and style of Lion, making the application more polished.

    Full screen mode
    Click on the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the application, and Evernote will occupy the entire screen. This starts our brand new full-screen mode. If you installed Evernote on your iPad today, the view will seem familiar to you. Just as Apple makes the Mac and iOS platforms look alike, we unify our applications.

    The full-screen mode on the Mac is almost identical to the new screen with all the notes on the iPad. You can also scroll through the list with snippets of notes, as if you were doing this on your tablet.

    We always try to transfer good ideas from one version of Evernote to another. Thanks to the changes in Lion, we even got the opportunity to reuse our code base for iOS, so in the future you will see many cases of the exchange of conceptual solutions between our applications.

    Simplification of the screen
    Many of the users told us that they would like to clear the Evernote screen. Now you can do it. You can hide the left panel by clicking on the corresponding button. In combination with the favorites panel described below, this gives an excellent opportunity to customize the workspace for yourself.

    Favorites Panel
    A new favorites panel, located directly below the menu, allows you to quickly jump to categories of notes or to specific notebooks and topics. If you hide the left pane, you can use the favorites pane items to sort notes.

    We added some interesting features there. Now with one click you can find all copied fragments of web pages, all notes created on a mobile device, and all notes containing file attachments. The latter is particularly useful in terms of saving time.

    In addition, you can drag and drop individual notes, notebooks, tags, and saved searches directly to the panel to always have quick access to these items.

    Evernote for Mac in the future

    If you want to use all the new interesting features of Evernote, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version of the OS. Our plans are many new. Follow the news.

    You can download Evernote for Mac Lion from our website or from the Mac App Store

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