UserAndLinux - Configuring usability: everything to make it convenient for you the author's articles in this issue:
    • Protect your Android - material provided by Dr.Web
    • Quick setup of basic Linux OS parameters: Working with Ubuntu Tweak and Ailurus - Igor Shtompel
    • Openbox setup - Alexander Zinin
    • Installing Linux Ubuntu 11.04 from scratch - Letter to the editors from Alexander Shikin, participant in the Ubuntu 2011 contest of Russian-language articles
    • Reports from the System Administrator's Day in Ukraine, as well as the conference “8P: Internet Marketing in Ukraine”.

    The theme of the issue is Usability Setup: everything to make it convenient for you.

    In the issue you can also find an overview of programs for working with the network and the Internet connection and much more interesting material.
    Additionally, in the printed version of the magazine:
    • Development of own Linux OS and applications is underway: SUSE, Firefox, Alibaba (China), Toyota, GENIVI
    • Firewalls: Overview of Installation and Configuration Programs
    • Overview of programs for working with Wi-Fi connections and passwords
    • A selection of mobile devices running Android and other Linux-based software
    • A new way to determine the real openness of open source projects

    A CD with a full license key for August for the entire line of Dr.Web products for workstations, including support for Linux and Android versions, is attached to the printed version of the magazine.
    The key is officially provided by Doctor Web.

    PDF - 50 pages, 4.9MB
    Printed - 100 pages.

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