All cars in the USA will be decorated with QR codes

    In May 2011, US authorities approved a new sample of stickers ( PDF ), which from 2013 will necessarily appear on all new cars in America. These stickers indicate a ton of useful information, including average fuel consumption over a highway, city, and mixed cycle. For electric vehicles, the number of kilowatt hours consumed per 100 miles and the recharge time are indicated.

    Another interesting detail is the QR code, which should be present in the lower right corner of the sticker. If you point the lens of a smartphone at it, you can immediately get access to various information about the car, including reference information, photo and video materials, prices from the nearest dealers, etc.

    Some automakers decided not to wait for 2013 and introduce innovation now. Nissan was the first to do this: the company announced that all 2012 Nissan Altima and 2012 Nissan Sentira cars that were already on sale were glued with QR codes. Then QR codes will appear on all other Nissan cars of 2012 model year.

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