The government does not support the idea of ​​paid registration of devices in cellular networks

    The Russian government did not support the paid registration of devices in mobile networks via IMEI, as reported by Vedomosti. Nevertheless, officials consider the very idea of ​​registration to be correct, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, curator of the Digital Economy program.

    “We have now discussed this with the Minister of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media Konstantin Noskov, we do not support the idea of ​​payment, we support the idea of ​​registration,” Akimov said. In his opinion, the registration procedure will increase the effectiveness of the fight against theft of devices and to ensure national security.

    “With transparent decisions to disconnect such devices, such as those stolen from citizens, the giant criminal market will collapse, because it will not make sense to steal only if you hand them over for spare parts,” he said. The government in question has not yet received the bill.

    As for the idea itself, they already wrote about it on Habré . A bill is being introduced into the State Duma on the mandatory introduction of paid registration of all devices that work in cellular networks from February 1, 2020. It can be mobile phones, tablets, Internet of things devices (even smart heat, water and gas meters).

    By IMEI number will be required to register new mobile devices of manufacturers and importers. In addition, individuals will also be required to register gadgets in case they have purchased them abroad. The cost of paid registration, according to officials, will not exceed 100 rubles.

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