The solution for highly loaded databases and hosting "1C-Accounting"

    ActiveCloud launches a specialized solution for highly loaded databases and hosting 1C-Accounting, a

    cloud hosting provider ActiveCloud , one of the fastest growing companies within the Softline group, announces the launch of a specialized solution for building "clouds" for highly loaded databases on the Russian market data and hosting 1C-Accounting with information security.

    The solution presented by ActiveCloud is a tool to reduce the cost of creating and maintaining its own IT infrastructure for highly loaded databases and transferring and deploying products of the 1C-Enterprise family(1C-Accounting, 1C-Trade, etc.) in the external "cloud". When using this solution in combination with software rental, the costs in medium and large companies can be 2-3 times lower compared to building your own Data Center or maintaining a traditional server room.

    A key feature of the new solution is the ability to "trick" and connect in the "cloud" the physical HASP keys from 1C, providing hardware and software protection for the software. The service "Hosting 1C" from ActiveCloudProvides the ability to select a storage system for those loads that are required for a specific client solution. Storage systems offer a choice of arrays built on conventional or high-speed solid-state SSDs that provide high performance I / O ( IOPS ), which is especially important and critical when working with a large number of users or using large and ever-growing databases. Thus, the client will not overpay for the performance or excessive technical parameters that he does not need. The implemented functionality of fault tolerance and security of the cloud platform for 1C hosting allows you to minimize the shutdown of business processes related to working with 1C products.

    “Unlike the 1C rental service, where it is impossible to configure and configure for the client, the Activecloud 1C hosting offer allows companies to transfer their version of the program with settings and configurations, with any database size, number of users, choose a storage system for any load and provide financial information protection ”
    - notes Andrian Bushin, development director of ActiveCloud .

    The service includes a number of additional and important features, such as choosing a location (Russia, Europe or the CIS countries), connecting an Internet port with guaranteed channels up to 1 Gb / s for a server cluster for a client, unlimited Russian and foreign traffic, monitoring and control system allocated resources.

    “A number of Russian companies and our existing customers have already tested the solution in practice. Even in such a short time, this service has proved to companies the effect of using this approach, which makes it possible to significantly reduce costs for several items of expenditures on the construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure, acquisition, licensing and legalization of software. The actual result exceeded the expectations of our customers. They ensured business continuity and financial data security due to significantly higher reliability of the service and saved up to 20 times on the purchase of software, equipment and infrastructure ”
    - says Andrian Bushin.


    Features and Benefits

    * Effective protection of corporate information from physical interference and seizure.
    * Protection against unauthorized access to data (access keys).
    * Control over all user actions.
    * Installation and operation of any HASP USB keys (installation in the cloud).
    * Work with 1C and other programs without installing on a computer.
    * Access and remote work from anywhere in the world.
    * A single environment for all offices / divisions.
    * Choosing a location (Russia, CIS, Europe).
    * Power and flexibility of the solution for any load.
    * 99.9% availability guarantee (we provide SLA - service level agreement).
    * Reducing the cost of equipment and licensed software.
    * Choice of data storage system (high-speed storage systems on SSD are possible).


    Confidential information is not available on the physical machines of the office, which eliminates its leakage even with the physical loss of company equipment in the office.

    Encryption systems and daily data backup will ensure a high level of confidentiality and guarantee the safety of corporate information.

    The presence of encrypted keys guarantees access to corporate information only for certain employees of your company.

    ActiveCloud specialists perform round-the-clock monitoring of the server and the entire infrastructure, providing a higher level of fault tolerance than in a regular office.
    Secure access anywhere

    Using a software or physical USB hasp key allows secure access to the database anywhere.

    The solution will allow to unite branches in regions, warehouses, remote employees and provide them with access to the accounting program at any time, regardless of their location.

    To open a new office or branches there will be no capital expenditures for the purchase of additional server equipment, its setup and maintenance of a staff of specialists.
    What is included in the service?

    * Choosing a location (Russia - Moscow, Europe - Netherlands, CIS).
    * Providing secure access and encryption of client data.
    * Daily data backup.
    * Organization of terminal access for employees.
    * Rental of licensed software.
    * Choosing a storage system.

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