Blitz with Arkady Moreynis

    We conducted a small startup blitz survey with Arkady Moreynis, Glavstart Chief Executive:

    1. Where can I get a team? Or do everything yourself?
    - The “heavy” project to raise alone does not work. Finding an intelligent team is one of the tasks that the founder will have to sweat over.

    2. Is it possible to conduct a startup project while remaining a full-time full-time employee?
    - It is possible, but not for long: the moment will definitely come when something will outweigh. Real business cannot be done at your leisure.

    3. Which investors are more generous: Russian or Western?
    - Investors everywhere are equally greedy, the rest depends on the project, its stage and a bunch of other circumstances.

    4. Why does an investor need a project that will take off?
    - It is such projects that investors need. And investors need such projects - to take off faster.

    5. Which startups are more successful: people with a corporate past or freelancer background?
    - If a person has qualifications and a brain, it does not matter where he managed to work before. If he is insane enough to do his startup, he will have the strength to learn on the go.

    A detailed interview can be heard here - Extraordinary release of the podcast

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