Hotmail has updated the security system of the service, preventing users from choosing simple passwords

    In general, despite the huge number of users who work with Gmail, quite a lot of people use other mail services, including Hotmail. The latter is really popular, and Hotmail developers are trying to introduce updates to the interface and the overall functionality of the service. So, the other day there was a security update, which includes two important updates. The first - prevents users from registering passwords like "12345678", the second - allows you to notify the administration of a hacked account.

    In general, the problem of weak passwords, apparently, will never cease to be relevant, and "password", "09876543" and other similar passwords will be used for a very long time. But - no longer on Hotmail, a service that checks the password entered by the user and asks to change his password if he does not meet the security rules of the service.

    This update affected all users of the mailer, including those who had just started the registration procedure. It would be nice if other services, not only mail services, would prohibit their users from using weak passwords. Moreover, the prohibition should be a prohibition, and not a notification like "maybe you still change the password 1111 to something more complicated?".

    But that is not all. In addition to prohibiting the use of simple passwords, Hotmail also added the item “My friend's been hacked!” in the menu used to work with individual letters in the mailbox. Earlier in this menu there were only “Unread”, “Read”, “Flagged”, “Unflagged” items. Then came the item “Phishing scam”, and finally “My friend's been hacked!”. The last item, if you select it, will automatically work, and the friend whose mail has been hacked will be notified about this the next time you log into Hotmail. After notification, a friend will need to restore their rights.

    Via Dvice + Engadget

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