Cheap and affordable photopolymer 3D printers

    Not so long ago, photopolymer printing was expensive and available only to professionals.
    Now the cost of equipment has fallen sharply due to well-known startups and mass-produced desktop (office) 3D printers from China.

    I bring to your attention three popular models for home use (prices from $ 229).

    What is a 3D printer, I am sure, no need to explain. Many have already seen FDM printing or may have used additive technologies. But SLA (stereolithographic printing) still remained the prerogative of large firms, clinics, and so on. Cheaper prices - the use of a special resin with UV curing - simple LEDs and LED arrays made this type of printing available. SLA UV printers can now be used at home. The main costs are for consumables (photopolymer resin), since filling the bath requires a decent amount of material: 100 ml or more at a time. The cost of a photopolymer starts from 4 thousand rubles per liter and above.

    Now in order.

    The most budget, the most affordable on the market -photopolymer printer SparkMaker SLA UV 3D Printer .

    SparkMaker SLA is a successful startup that successfully combined high-quality components with a sound idea. For printing using a simple UV photopolymer resin (405nm).

    The printer is compact, equipped with a protective cap, inside the bath, rail guide (MGN15H). Prints from a memory card, for the preparation of models provided corporate slicer (Spark Studio). Available video usage, instructions, test models.

    Printing accuracy is obtained up to 50 microns (positioning accuracy is much higher). The size of the print area is 98 x 55 x 125 mm.

    Brand: SparkMaker
    Type: Complete Machine
    Print speed: 8 - 15 s / layer
    Supporting material: Resin
    XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.01mm
    Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.002 mm
    Voltage: 24V
    Working Power: 48W
    Packing Type: Assembled packing
    Connector Type: SD card
    Product weight: 2.0000 kg
    Package weight: 3.0000 kg
    Product size: 17.00 x 17.00 x 27.50 cm
    Package size: 34.00 x 34.00 x 34.00 cm You can

    buy a SparkMaker SLA UV 3D Printer photopolymer printer in our store Gearbest, a printer in stock, free delivery to your door.

    The current price is $ 229.99 including shipping. To reduce the cost, we use the coupon GBSparkMaker .

    The next interesting representative can be considered a new model.N4 UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer from the famous brand Anet .
    This UV SLA printer with a large color display 3.5 "and off-line printing (memory card).

    Brand: Anet
    the Type: the Complete Machine
    Model: N4
    Engraving The Accuracy: 0.001mm
    the Frame material: Aluminum the Alloy
    Platform board: the Alloy Aluminum
    the Memory card of offline Print: SD card
    LCD Screen: Yes
    Print speed: 30mm / h
    Supporting material: Resin
    Language: Chinese
    Style: STL
    Model supporting function: Yes
    Voltage: 12V
    Working Power: 36W
    Packing Type: Assembled packing
    System support: Windows
    Voltage Range: AC 100 / 220V
    Connector Type: SD card, U disk

    The cost is slightly higher than the previous model, but in the pros of print sizes:
    - more print field 120x60x138 mm;
    - higher positioning accuracy, higher printing accuracy (~ 30 microns);
    - higher power UV-exposure;
    - higher print speed (less time of exposure of the layer).

    Flyingbear Shine UV Resin DLP 3D Printer .
    This is a fully office SLA 3D printer with a print area of ​​120 x 68 x 210 mm and a resolution of 2K.

    Brand: Flyingbear (DLP
    Model: Shine DLP
    Type: Assembled 3D UV Resin printer
    Layer thickness: 0.025 to 0.1 mm
    Print speed: 30mm / h
    Language: English
    XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.047 mm
    Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
    Print size: 120 x 68 x 210mm
    Printer szie: 203 x 175 x 415 (L x W x H)
    Connectivity: WiFi, U-disk
    Layer resolution: 0.025 ~ 0.100mm
    Z axis resolution: 0.004MM
    XY DPI: 0.047mm (2560 x 1440)
    Light-source: 405nm UV integrated light
    Technique: LCD Shadow Masking
    Printing material: 405nm resin
    Slice software, Creation workshop
    Screen: 4.3-inch touch screen
    Voltage: 24V
    Working Power: 72w
    Connector Type: U disk, Wi-Fi

    And finally, one of the most promising SLA 3D printers is Anycubic PHOTON Complete 3D Printer.

    This is a decent SLA 3D printer with a print area of ​​115 x 65 x 155 mm. A 2.8 "touch screen display is available. You can also print from USB drives.

    Brand: Anycubic
    Type: Complete Machine
    Nozzle Quantity: Single
    Product Size: 115 x 65 x 155mm
    LCD Screen: Yes
    Print Speed: 20mm / h
    Working Power : 40W
    Packing Type: Assembled packing
    Voltage Range: 110 - 250V
    Connector Type: USB

    Depending on the type of photopolymer, you can use these SLA 3D printers for modeling and prototyping, working out 3D models, designing, as well as for jewelry (“burned out” photopolymer, castable). It should be noted that these technologies are used for prosthetics in dentistry - with a special dental photopolymer.

    In any case, this is a new round of "home" and office printers.

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