DataRetriever - a service for collecting and analyzing data from online media and social networks

    We present to your attention our product - DataRetriever - a service designed to monitor open sources (Internet media, social networks, blogs, forums, multimedia services) and analyze the data received.

    What does all this mean?

    It's simple :) Using our service you can find references in the media and social networks - companies, products, people, etc., build graphs of the number of publications, analyze sources, generate reports, export data to MS Office.

    Basic settings include working with the following sources:
    1. All media presented on the Internet and available for processing by
    search engines
    2. Large blog sites: Livejournal, LiveInternet, Blogspot, Wordpress, etc.
    3. Twitter
    4. Social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte
    5. Flickr, Youtube

    Moreover, the list can be supplemented and changed without restrictions. Both
    texts and graphic materials and videos are tracked .

    How it works?

    The user's workflow is close to working with a search engine: you need
    to set a list of keywords or phrases, and, after some time (necessary for
    monitoring), the first results appear. Further, the system continues to
    monitor sources for given keywords offline, adding to the list of results:

    Information can be searched in several languages. System is
    self-learning: if new sources of information are identified during the monitoring process, they are automatically remembered, the initial list of sources is expanded, and the source is automatically removed from the list if the user deletes keywords associated with this source.

    The received information can be processed. To do this, the user is provided with a set of tools for analyzing the number of publications over time, identifying the most active sources, determining the tonality of publications, compiling reports and exporting them to the MS Office format, as well as teamwork tools (chat).

    Here is a graph of the frequency of references to a particular topic:

    Technically, the system is based on Drupal 6; One of his little-known assemblies of a similar purpose (Tattler) became the prototype - we taught her how to work with the Russian language, fixed multiple errors and shortcomings, and added some new functions.

    Who needs this?

    This is a tool of PR, marketing, SMO-optimizer, press analytics. The presence of a free version and a workable demo distinguishes our product from competitors.

    Variants of the

    DataRetriever system exist in the form of an Internet service ( demo version ), and in the form of a server application distributed under the GPL version 3 license (we will soon post it on the website). Both options are equipped with user manual.

    What our product does not do, but will do soon

    While there is no location of the authors, we hope it will appear in the next version. We also plan to equip the system with a semantic analyzer, which will more accurately find references and filter out garbage.

    Actually, this is what we all need

    DataRetriever as an open source software product. We invite
    all interested developers and users to collaborate in order to
    further develop the product. And where to look for such people as not on Habré.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck to all!

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