Useful and non-obvious things for a 3D printer: small things for a 3D printer

    Very and very popular and fresh parts for 3D printers, which can be demanded by all without exception. Will be suitable for modernization or replacement of regular completing your printing machines. Picked up the article based on personal experience ...

    If you already have a 3D printer and are looking for something useful for an upgrade, then my article may be useful. In fact, many things are already heard, someone already use, someone just going. But all this small things (inexpensive) can be in demand, especially if you suddenly wanted to connect your 3D printer remotely, or make it print in several colors with minimal cost.

    So here. If you don’t go into the jungle of DIY and don’t grab the soldering iron right away and search for ready-made solutions, you can find a unique Geeetech 3D WiFi Module .

    This module is based on the ESP8266 and the STM32 ARM processor. In fact, is a universal Wi-Fi bridge for printing. It supports memory cards (MicroSD), USB-drives, connects to the printer via a native USB cable. You can manage through the application Geeetech Easyprint3D from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

    The board has a fairly dense layout, its own memory for storing g-code. Suitable not only for printers from Geeetech, but also for other models. Actual for budget 3D printers that print only via USB, and for others it will not be superfluous. The Easyprint3D application allows you to immediately download the models you need from your smartphone, launch a slice and print. Available printer control, print settings adjustment.

    If you want more control over remote control, then a good and fast option is Octoprint based on the Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer .

    It takes only:

    a) to write the image to the memory card;
    b) install the Raspberry Pi;
    c) connect to the web interface of the unpacked octoprint.

    Plugins are downloaded directly from the application. You can install a webcam to control a 3D printer. Link to the source .

    Management is also available from the smartphone, with certain settings there is access via the Internet - you can remotely control the printer, start tasks, change settings, or stop / stop printing.

    If you want to try something new, pay attention to the double hot end for color printing and for printing with soluble supports (for example, HIPS).

    This is a new dual hot end 3D XCR-2IN1 V2 . You can install on almost any printer, you need a minimum of rework. Additionally, you will need the engine and feed mechanism (extruder), as well as the adjustment of the firmware.

    There are several configuration options in the lot, there is a simple heater block (NV6), there is a Volcano / Crater for quick printing. As well as the power supply option fan 12V / 24V. If you choose NV6, then a silicone sock for thermal insulation is presented as a gift.

    The current day is one of the most advanced options, an inexpensive and effective way to add a second extruder to the printer.

    Pay attention, there is one more variant of the double hotband , simpler, cheaper.

    This is a variation of the E3D dual-heatsted heat sink, also supplied as an assembly.

    In this embodiment, the insulation is quite simple, "disposable." But you can buy a "sock" for the game separately.

    A simple silicone case for protection against drafts and temperature control of the heating unit is a symbolic price. Isolates the block and part of the nozzle from external influence. Very handy thing. You can remove / fasten back without any problems.

    I will not dwell on double printing for a long time, but I would like to talk about the delamination of models when printing. Not always this negative effect can be defeated quickly and painlessly.

    If you have problems with adhesion or just have a desire to facilitate printing on the surface of the table, look towards the stickers for printing.

    These are special adhesive stickers that are available in the assortment (different sizes and quantities in a lot).

    Original Creality3D stickers, size 235mm x 235mm .

    Lot of 3 pieces of stickers size 235mm x 235mm .

    Lot of 3 pieces of stickers with the size of 300x300mm .

    Installed without any problems. The bottom surface has an adhesive layer (double-sided tape 3M), glued to a clean table. Can be cut to size - with an ordinary stationery knife.

    But if you want even more convenience - pay attention to the adhesive magnetic stickers. A good option -Creality Ultra-Flexible Removable Magnetic Surface For CR-10S PRO . The size is 300x300 mm.

    These stickers consist of two parts: a magnetic base, which is glued onto a double-sided tape to the table, and a removable surface for printing. This method allows you to remove the model after printing without deformation, immediately. You will not need spatulas or waiting for the model to cool.

    A more expensive option, but no less effective, is special textured heat-resistant glass. The surface of the glass has a special coating that increases the adhesion of the first layers of plastic. One of the inexpensive options for such glass is Build Plate Glass Surface Borosilicate Glass 220 x 220 x 4mm , as well as Creality3D Hot Bed Glass Plate 25.00 x 25.00 x 4.00 cm .

    Installed on any printer, it is desirable to guess the size of the glass. You can fix it on clothespins from a clerical store, or on thermal paste.

    An example of printing on a similar glass.

    Naturally, this is a small part of useful things for your pet 3D printer. And quite useful. I tried all of the above myself. A couple of years ago, such solutions were either expensive or not available in mass production. In any case, share your useful work and experience.

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