Suicidal analysis of usability "Habrahabr"

Habrahabra is dedicated to the anniversary.


This opus discusses some points regarding the usability of all of us beloved “Habrahabr”. The review covers many sections of the site. Very controversial moments, of course, I tried to avoid. "Habrahabr" is almost perfect, so let's make it even better! Without further ado, let's see what happened, let's start with the minuses.


Index numbering

The biggest minus is the numbering of pages with post titles: the oldest post page should be No. 1, and with the most recent posts - the maximum number. While leafing through and opening articles in new tabs, reading them, in the meantime new posts are added, and the page number with headings is already changing, and it turns out not very nice.
How to eat and how it should be


The logo on the main page is a link to the main page. It has long been known that self-referencing is harmful. Moreover, it is confusing. This also applies to the PDA version .
Logo link "Habrahabr"

Unobvious Search

There is a separate search for posts, questions and answers, blogs, etc., but there is no way to set the search area on the search page . You can’t immediately guess that such an opportunity actually exists - there is in each of the relevant sections.
Section search is not obvious, but it is!


"Habrahabr" is, first of all, a resource for reading. However, no standard means of increasing or decreasing the font was found. At the moment, you can only be satisfied with the means of browsers. In addition, sans-serif is not the best font solution for article texts. See and compare readability and eye strain with a slightly larger font.

Ctrl and "+" bypasses the problem with small print

Terms: beautiful but incomprehensible

In the question and answer section (“q & a”), there are three subsections: “Fraudulent”, “New” and “Fraudulent”. What does it mean - “haggard” and “haggard”? A tooltip here would not hurt. Comparing the ratings of the contents of these two subsections, of course, you can understand, but it takes time.
Zagabr ... what?

Sorting members

In the general list of the People section, sorting is by rating only. What about karma? And alphabetically? And in chronological order? In the lists by city - obviously, sorting by registration date has been done. Why is the main list not sorted by registration date? Why are lists by city not sorted by rating? ..
And why did they choose such a sort? ..


Now about the pros: a) of which there are more, b) they are much fatter than the dead minuses listed above.

Design and layout

Minimalistic design and a good site layout, plus enough empty space, you don’t feel like in a bazaar when there are a lot of people.

A huge plus is an adequate mobile version.


All comments on one page. If comments were paginated (and there are sites where articles are paginated), it would probably not be so interesting to read the discussion of posts.

Right column

Links to the new and the best in the column on the right, as well as much more that appears there, are pretty well thought out.


The abbreviated URL  is a brilliant idea.

Ideal 404th page

The 404th page does not contain anything superfluous (plus is pretty nice), and the wrong address is saved in the address bar, which can be easily fixed. I typed , and the address has not changed to something like , which is very nice.

Ideal 404th page


Contact information is clearly described on the page about the site .


Transparent link structure. For example, just a look at makes it clear that this is a link to popular questions and answers in the corresponding section.


There is little advertising on the site, and it is unobtrusive.

Not the pros and cons

The two points described below do not draw on the "minuses", because the course of affairs does not interfere much, but they unjustifiably take their place or cut their eyes.


It is not clear why tags are needed on the page with the post title (in the list of posts). At the end of the article itself - why not. Tags will quickly figure out what the article is about? It is unlikely that the content before the "habrakat" fully performs this function.
Tags are useless here

With big and with little

The policy regarding capitalization of menus at different levels is not entirely clear. In the main menu we see: “posts”, “q & a”, “blogs”, “people” and “companies”. We go into any post and see: "Fraudulent", "New", "Fraudulent."
So big or small?


Even with all of the above - no, not flaws - roughness, "Habrahabr" is very well thought out and done. A huge audience and high quality materials - the success of the project can only be envied. I sincerely hope that Habrahabr will only get better over time.

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