South Korea plans to replace all paper books with electronic ones by 2015

    In general, now some educational institutions in some countries declare their intention to replace paper books with electronic tablets, but there has not yet been such a country that would like to carry out such a replacement. But it will be if South Korea follows its plan and consistently replaces the paper with a number.

    The government of this country is going to carry out an appropriate replacement by 2015, and spend about $ 2 billion on such modernization. Of course, the exchange program requires a change in the way information is disseminated - because what is the use of electronic books if there are no educational materials in electronic form, right? Therefore, a cloud information system will also be launched in South Korea, which will supply students with information.

    According to the plan, the materials will be both plain text / pictures, and multimedia, which, apparently, in some cases is better perceived by schoolchildren and students. It will be possible to use a distance learning system, receiving the necessary information at home or even in another country.

    Such a training system really has its advantages, and paper textbooks can be forgotten. There are more pluses, as far as one can judge, than minuses: this is the ability to quickly replace materials for students in the event of a change in the curriculum, and the cheapening of the distribution of new materials, and much more. I wonder how much the new system will be more effective than the old, traditional.

    Via Engadget

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