Remote debugging of .NET assemblies on Nokia N900 in Visual Studio - it's easy

    Who said you can’t, "because there is Linux"? So what? Why is this phone worse than those on a winmobile?

    You need to go through 3 steps.
    1) Install monotools-server from the reps (if it has not yet appeared in extras-testing due to some system slowdown, then extras-devel should definitely be)
    2) Install Mono Tools (there is a 30-day trial on Novell website)
    3) Click in the main menu of the phone to the icon of these same Mono Tools

    Everything. We write software, click in the studio menu Mono-> Debug with mono, drive in the IP phone, debug it.

    If you have any problems with the work, contact, contact, I'm still a mono maintainer on this platform.

    By the way, if they still give me a devkit for N9 (you can try my luck here ), then such buns will be there, and before the start of sales.

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