Book Blog Invites

    An unplanned announcement of the project with which I collaborate took place. In the near future, we did not plan to publish announcements on Habrahabr or elsewhere. There are objective reasons for this - the incompleteness of the project itself, the lack of an intelligible design, etc.

    On behalf of the administration of the Read-Only project, I apologize to the habrasociety for unscrupulous advertising.

    As indicated in the topic “Unofficial” invitations to a closed project , indeed, as a result of testing, there was an unplanned allocation of invites ( and I note that this was not due to working with the LiveStreet engine, as suggested in the note.) The bad man britoff decided to use the available invitations for his own purposes (we don’t know what goals he pursued, but one thing is clear that we will not trust such a person anymore).

    Since I mentioned in the comments that we would give out invites to everyone, and if they advised us to give them openly, it was decided to write this post. I will distribute invitations disinterestedly through habrahpost.

    We will also be happy to hear constructive criticism and suggestions for developing the read-only book blog .

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