CMS with OpenID support has become one more

    Today, among the engines supporting OpenID , there is one more. A couple of days ago on Habré there was a detailed publication on the cogear site management system . Let me remind you that the OpenSource- system developed by the author , as befits such a number of systems, is distributed with open source code and under the free GPL license of the second version.
    OpenID in the engine is used both for automatic registration / authorization, and simply for logging in with your OpenID identifier, if you specified it in your profile.

    Integration verified with LiveJournal and , but with Yandexdoes not want to work.
    The authentication confirmation request is OK. After the consent of the user to send data back to the side of the engine re-inspection site fails - returns an empty response to the POST -query through the CURL .
    It feels like the heart is in the version of the OpenID 2.0 protocol that is used on Yandex .
    If you have experience integrating OpenID into your projects, please help me find a way out of the situation.

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