12 misconceptions of a network administrator

    1. Commenting on changes in configs is not necessary. Are you complaining, amiright?
    2. QoS - not needed. It’s always easier to buy a channel that clearly exceeds the needs of the company.
    3. It makes no sense to check the ability to remotely control equipment before sending it to a remote office.
    You are a professional and could not be mistaken in setting up such an elementary function.
    4. Verbal agreement with ISP networkers is a full-fledged version of SLA.
    5. Certification is insignificant. Exams can always be passed using dumps.
    6. Direct access via serial to equipment - an anachronism. IP interface is more convenient.
    7. The appropriate department should work with the monitoring system. The employees there are experienced, they will figure out what's what.
    8. In domestic routes there will never be more than 15 hop.
    9. The shutdown of the company due to a link break from the ISP is not your fault.
    10. One gigabit link will be enough for everyone.
    11. No one will ever connect 2 power outlets with a patch cord. Why do this?
    12. What is the point of putting 2 routers in the kernel if the load on one is less than 50%?

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