Counting the number of bits set in a file

    One interesting implementation of counting the number of bits set in a file. C ++ code with abundant use of STL. If everything is so good, then why is it on the “Abnormal Programming” blog (readers strongly recommended moving it to the C ++ blog) you ask? Now you will see :)

    First, declare the class of the bit iterator:

    Now let's calculate the number of set bits in the executable file:

    It's funny, is it not? And to calculate the number of zero bits, you just need to call:


    The source code is posted (see link in UPDATE2).

    Comrade gribozavr rightly remarked that it is more correct to use the CHAR_BIT constant instead of the number 8 in the code.

    Comrade mark_ablov pointed out a flaw in the copy constructor, the code in the article was updated, and here is the corrected version of the code: .

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