Computer virus - the pursuit of the living?

Man instinctively and quite consciously compares the elements of the world around him with himself. And now, it turns out, the pig has a heart similar to a human in structure. The social structure of monkeys is this crude model of human society (and for some groups and individual elements of this society it is not even crude, but rather approximate). Computers that appeared (earlier the abbreviation of computers were used - electronic computers) immediately caused a person to associate with his main function - mental. Therefore, jargons and quite official terms with the “human” component — computer brains, memory, etc., were used. And very soon, humanity realized that electronic brains could pick up an infection similar to the one that threatens people. Yes, we are talking about viruses, computer, of course.

The first virus, more precisely, its prototype, appeared back in ... 1961! Then at the “Bell Telephone Laboratories” created the game “Darwin”, the essence of which was that several programs written in Assembler fought for system resources. Translated into the biological language - several organisms fought for food in conditions of lack thereof.

After 9 years, the Cookie Monster program (written by Chris Tavares) was written, destroying the MULTICS operating system (the progenitor of UNIX) installed on a computer such as IBM 2741.

And three years later, in 1973, Bob Thomas wrote a full-fledged virus, called "Bindweed", distributed on the ARPANET network (the predecessor of the Internet). Having settled in the next car, he issued a message: “I am a bindweed. Catch me!" And then the first antivirus program Reaper was written, destroying the Bindweed.

And after 22 years, rapidly evolving, the famous Win95.CIH virus appeared, aka “Chih”, aka “Chernobyl, which wiped the BIOS,“ killing ”motherboards. That is, it has already become similar to the human virus, which kills the human body in which it has settled.

Currently, viruses have already hired all devices that have at least some processor: computers, smartphones, communicators and ect. More recently, viruses have attacked RFID scanners used in commerce to read bar codes. Potential losses can now amount to hundreds of billions of dollars!

What's next? Undoubtedly, viruses will evolve after the evolution of computers. No wonder at the beginning of the article it was said about the similarity of various elements of the surrounding world with a person (and computers have already become part of our world, and quite significant). Therefore, it can be assumed that computer viruses will more and more resemble biological viruses.

According to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (, viruses are pathogens of infectious diseases of plants, animals and humans, reproducing only in living cells.

What is the fundamental difference between a computer and a biological virus? In my opinion, the second affects the body, but only indirectly affects the human mind (in the form of fever, saturation of the blood with toxins). In other words, a virus cannot command a person. A computer virus, representing, in fact, a program, forces a computer to perform certain actions: send spam, destroy databases, etc. Or even shorter, the virus is virtual reality.

The evolution of computers leads to the fact that in the future elementary particles will become information carriers in them. And if so, then they will obey the law of quantum mechanics. And according to modern quantum field theory, the interaction of elementary particles (and the work of the computer of the future is the interaction of elementary particles) should be considered as the absorption of other (virtual) particles by one free particle. And the life of an elementary particle is a continuous process of emission and absorption of virtual particles.
That is, computer viruses of the future are programs that will become part of the computer hardware! And directly affecting it, that is, behaving like biological viruses. Fantasy? We will see. It remains to wait a maximum of 20-30 years.

PS By the way, why not biological viruses evolve into computer viruses and take control of the human brain?

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