ReSharper 6 Beta Released

    JetBrains is pleased to announce the start of a new, final phase of testing ReSharper version 6.0. ReSharper is a plug-in for Visual Studio that improves developer productivity and code quality by constantly analyzing code quality and automating routine tasks. The new version of ReSharper will be especially interesting to everyone who deals with web development anyway. This release adds support for JavaScript, CSS, and the Razor View Engine.

    We encourage everyone who wants to be the first to see ReSharper today to download the beta version of the program . In the process of preparing for the release, it is especially important for us to get developer feedback about possible problems in the system, so in the current release we added a special button “ReSharper Misbehaves”:

    In case the user noticed that ReSharper is behaving incorrectly, the user can use this button to instantly send us information about what worked incorrectly. This will allow us to quickly fix the problem before the release.

    We are very grateful to those who help us in testing new versions of products. For the most active participants, we will provide free licenses for ReSharper and, for participants from St. Petersburg, we plan to arrange a tour of the office.

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