Kazakhstanis go to the App Store or How to make an application in a week

    At the request of my fellow developers, I publish this post:

    Hello, dear Habrasociety!

    This is my first post and I hope it will not come out lumpy (at least as an exception).

    My name is Alexander and my friends and I are promoting, as we can, mobile technologies in Kazakhstan .
    There are hardly a dozen developers for iOS and Android, so we decided to tell our colleagues about our experience and stuffed bumps here. Actually, I want to talk about our experience in developing applications for myself.

    As it often happens, having created a couple of applications to order, thoughts about our own product began to visit us. And so, when we finally decided to do it, our main developer(I can’t be silent - from Ubisoft itself!) it was my desire to leave for the USA for a month.

    Having realized that exactly a week was left before the separation and we still won’t have anything difficult to do, we came up with a simple and, at first glance, realized in a day, idea. Idea: a digital watch, where a variety of people show what time it is. Without thinking twice , we called this application HumanClock .

    I must say right away that, of course, nothing came of the day, but we did it every week!

    Under the cut a lot of photos from the process!

    It so happened that our friend, photographer and art man Alexei Demidov, always strived for technology. We, harsh engineers and technologists, on the contrary, always wanted to touch something beautiful. It is no exaggeration to say that Apple is what united us in the end.

    Below is the symbiosis of different people and the results of this process with pictures (long live synergy!).

    This, mentioned above, our photographer Alex before shooting. You can look at his hands endlessly.

    As models, we called friends and acquaintances. Almost everyone agreed and came, although they did not really understand why.

    From the beginnings of the idea to the photo shoot, 2 days passed and everything was “tuned” on the go, by trial and error. At first they tried to shoot several people at a time, but then they decided to stay on a separate shooting.

    The image from the camera, thanks to the software from Hasselblad, was instantly transferred to all devices connected to WiFi.

    From each person we selected one picture. The exception is Maria. She was with us from start to finish. As a gift, she has two pictures:

    In order to make it easier for models to convey emotions, we pumped up comics from fffuuu.ru. Well, they also helped with their faces :)

    Since the numbers are superimposed programmatically, we tried to set a piece of paper at a strictly defined level. Then, however, they realized that this is fundamentally wrong (people have different height) and had to be measured from the top of the head :)

    But with the back mind, as they say ... The

    icon was developed right there.

    Playing with the arrangement of people, we decided to make 2 plans: in the foreground - "clear" people with "clear" numbers, in the back - everything is blurry and slightly discolored.
    This gave the picture a certain depth.

    The shift algorithm is simple: 1 person changes every 12 seconds. Every minute everyone shuffles.
    The choice is random. We did not even begin to block doubles that occasionally drop out - there is something in them ...

    Also, for testing, we set up the switching of people by touching or shaking the device - as a result, this remained in the final version.

    In general, in a week, there were more interesting watches in the world.

    And this photo frame + clock is absolutely for the fans :)

    We really wanted to meet 20 MB (the limit for downloading via 3G networks) and, unfortunately, we had to reject a bunch of wonderful photos.

    As a result, the application, conceived just for fun, turned out to be so funny that we decided to try selling it for $ 0.99. It has little practical use, but aesthetics is full :)

    And, about a month later, we want to release a free update: screw a couple of chips + add packages of new faces to thank users who are loyal to our work.

    Actually, here is the application itself in the App Store .

    Thanks to everyone who read to the end! Hello to you from Kazakhstan!

    Come to us, go to the mountains and have barbecue :)

    PS A small cut for last:

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