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    I think that many of you have heard about such an interesting device as a robot vacuum cleaner. Those who imagine what it looks like most likely recall models from the American company iRobot . But besides iRobot, there are other brands on the market. In particular, one of the interesting companies manufacturing robotic vacuum cleaners is the Korean company Yujin Robot. She releases iClebo models. I will talk a little about the latest development of Yujin Robot and about robotic vacuum cleaners in general in this article.

    The company was founded in 1988 in Korea. Among the products there are such interesting developments, such as: iRobi. This is a home robot that responds to voice commands, displays the weather forecast and the latest news, sings karaoke, etc. It costs about $ 3000.
    With the growing popularity of iRobot, the Korean company also decided to enter the market of automatic cleaners and introduced a line of iClebo models. Modern models:
    the Home
    and Smart
    First series are distinguished from the more advanced by the lack of the possibility of forming a room map.

    A little bit about robotic vacuum cleaners
    In the modern urban rhythm of life, sometimes there is no time to regularly maintain order and cleanliness of an apartment. But thanks to robotics, these problems were resolved. Now the landlady can program a week ahead to regularly clean the rooms and calmly do personal things. Moreover, given the autonomy of the robot, you can program it for cleaning during the day, during working hours, when no one is at home. We come home, and there ... cleanliness and everything shines! Well, not quite like that, of course, but there will definitely not be dust on the floor. Ideal option to buy two vacuum cleaners: for dry cleaning and for wet cleaning. Then the carpets will be clean, and the kitchen tiles. The fact is that at the same time no model is able to vacuum and to qualitatively clean floors yet. Therefore, as the first option it is worth paying attention to iRobot Roomba, iClebo, Neato.
    Modern robotic vacuum cleaners move around the rooms themselves, are delayed in more polluted places, and if necessary become the base for recharging. Usually they have a round shape and in order to get to the corners they use a rotating brush that sweeps dust from the corners. A big plus of such vacuum cleaners is the ability to climb into hard to reach places. For example, under a sofa or bed (height 9.5 cm).
    For those who consider a robot vacuum cleaner a simple toy, I dare to disbelieve this. According to numerous reviews and personal experience of use (albeit small), the robot copes with its function very well. How does he succeed, given that the average power is several times less than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner?

    The secret lies in the fact that: 1) robotic vacuum cleaners use brushes that raise the pile, winding wool and after that the motor sucks in dust 2) robots sometimes pass through contaminated places several times. IRobot 505 model motion map:

    Ideal when you vacuum once or twice a week in the usual way and between this, program the robot for cleaning 2-3 times a week.

    Of the troubles, it is possible to note the difficulties of automatic cleaning when there are many wires on the floor and a high pile. In the first case, anti-confusion systems are present in many models. When driving on the wires and winding them around the brush, the robot slowly begins to rotate the brushes in the opposite direction, freeing themselves from them. The vacuum cleaner was specially placed on many wires: 4 times out of 5, it was untangled on its own. In the second case, salvation has not yet been invented. High pile carpets cannot be cleaned by any model.

    In addition to the above features, robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with many sensors that prevent collisions with furniture and walls, as well as falling from stairs. Among the additional advantages:

    - The robot vacuum cleaner does not work silently, but a little quieter than standard vacuum cleaners.
    - In winter, in cloudy weather, for cleaning with a standard vacuum cleaner, you most likely will need light - to see what to vacuum. The robot vacuum cleaner, of course, does not need light, which saves additional electricity.

    About the iClebo Smart Model
    Unfortunately, I did not manage to take photos and videos of the vacuum cleaner while I was in my hands, so the illustrations will be from the Internet. But I will share some conclusions on this model.

    iClebo Smart is a senior and advanced development of the Korean company. The abbreviation Smart is responsible for the presence of a built-in camera, with the help of which the robot vacuum cleaner creates a map of the room. The camera constantly takes pictures of the ceiling and walls, the image is processed and thus the robot builds its route. Other vacuum cleaners (including the Home model) go through pre-formed trajectories in the form of a zig-zag, spiral, and chaotic movement. On the one hand, they can go through one section several times, which improves the quality of cleaning this place. On the other hand, the robot can leave a sufficient number of uncleaned sections of the floor. If you use the robot daily, then in a week it will definitely go through all parts of the room. If less often, then a model with the formation of a room map will be more suitable.
    iClebo Smart comes in color packaging. The set includes a charging base, battery, cleaning brush, additional filters, two side brushes, a remote control, two microfiber rags. Yes, both Smart and Home can be used as a mop for mopping. The mop is installed in the compartment instead of the brush. The disadvantage with a mop is that it will be necessary to moisten it yourself, which means that it will not be enough for many square meters.

    The presence of an LCD screen on the top cover of the vacuum cleaner helps to set the cleaning time, displays useful information about the operating mode, battery charge, etc.

    A distinctive feature of the iClebo robot is its relatively low noise level, although it often sucks better than iRobot.

    According to the test results of the Roomba 577, Roomba 530 and iClebo Smart models, we can confidently say that the hero of the review does its job better. Smart collected not only the old carpet pile, but also any dust particles that remained after cleaning Roomba. Although theoretically it should have been the other way around, because Rumba has two brushes rotating in different directions.
    In the test for the duration of operation, the lithium-ion battery (NiMH is used in many Rumbas, which negatively affects the battery life) kept for 4 hours without recharging. This time is enough to clean 3-4 medium-sized rooms. If the cleaning has not been completed, the robot will return to the base, charge and start from the same place. Where did he finish cleaning, thanks to the generated room map.

    A small problem with IClebo Smart (and Home) is that it has a rubber bumper made of slightly porous rubber material. Because of this, it can get stuck in narrow passages. For example, once he managed to get stuck between the leg of the coffee table and the leg of the couch, resting against the bumper between them. He himself was able to get out in a couple of minutes. It is likely that if there was a more dense tape framing the rubber bumper, this would not have happened.

    Does it make sense to buy a robot cleaner?
    There is definitely one if: 1) the budget allows (iClebo Smart costs 22,900 rubles) 2) if you have little time for cleaning 3) if you are a fan of progressive things 4) if you want to make a cool and original gift to the hostess of the house.

    Yes, he will not let you completely forget about cleaning, but, in any case, he will keep the house clean for a long time. Especially if you have pets. Honestly, people are satisfied with even the simplest Chinese models, to say nothing of the advanced ones, who vacuum them better and are programmed for a specific cleaning time.

    A small summary
    If you decide to take a robot vacuum cleaner, but the budget is quite small, pay attention to the iRobot Roomba 440. It does not have a charging base, is not programmed for daily cleaning, it has a minimum of functions, but still does its job well. Its cost is 9950 rubles.
    If you have pets, pay attention to the Roomba 533 Pet, which costs 16,700. It cannot be programmed, but it has a base for automatic recharging and a more capacious battery.
    If you are considering a top model, pay attention to iClebo Home or iClebo Smart worth 18,500 and 22,900 rubles, respectively.

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