Bookmate for iPad

    We made Bookmate so you can read e-books as conveniently as possible.

    The bottom line is: you can download e-books to us (in epub or fb2 format), and then without any restrictions read them through a browser or mobile devices. You can also pay for a subscription and take books from our catalog (that is, do not waste time searching, files, formats, but just reading books).

    Today we are launching the first post on Habr and our iPad application, which many have been waiting for so long.

    Why so long?

    We’ve been making an iPad app since last year, with a ready-made iPhone app in the App Store. At the end of the year, we doubted whether we were delaying this business. User letters dispelled all doubts - we are delaying.

    It is clear that the user works with applications on the iPad completely differently than on the iPhone, so we worked out every detail so that it was a real application for the iPad, and not a crumbling iPhone version. And we delayed the release for this reason - we did not improve what we have, but actually did a completely different product.

    How much is?

    Despite all this, the iPad app remains as free as it used to be for the iPhone. Here you can read classics and your books (which you upload to our service) for free and without restrictions, so you may not need a subscription - read for free.

    And you can read books from our catalog for 99 rubles per month (999 rubles per year). The catalog is constantly updated, and books from it are available in one click. After your money reaches us, we divide it in half and give one half to the authors and copyright holders.

    We want to note that this is a very important and pleasant moment for us, because it symbolizes the unity of interests of all participants in the process: readers, copyright holders and us, acting as distributors.

    What's new?

    Bookmate for iOS is designed to keep you from reading. Here is what it can do (the innovations of this version are marked in bold):
    • Book synchronization while reading on the site and mobile devices
    • Offline mode for mobile to read where there is no internet
    • The ability to pay for a subscription directly from the device through the App Store
    • The application is universal - it works on any iOS device, starting with the first iPhone and ending with the new iPad 2
    • A completely new interface specifically for the iPad , as well as significant improvements to the iPhone version
    • The ability to fully upload your library offline to your device
    • Improved book navigation
    • Correction of many errors, although this is understandable

    But why are you better than iBooks and iMobile?

    Users who choose Bookmate will answer this question better, but we can clarify why we are not like iBooks and iMobile:
    1. For us, only two things are important: the reader and the book. We do everything so that readers do not think about such nuances as files, devices, and more. Starting to read in the morning in the subway on the phone, you can read the chapter at work from the computer, and then before bedtime, on your iPad. Everything will work correctly, as if there is only you and the book.
    2. We do not sell books; we sell access to a huge library. You can read one large book or ten small ones, or read books to the middle and drop them - do as you please. Bookmate will not interfere.

    Who did this?

    Egor Khmelev - project manager
    Stanislav Sabirov - design
    Konstantin Anoshkin , Vladimir Solomenchuk - programming
    Andrey Zaitsev-Zotov - testing

    If you have ideas on how to make Bookmate better, write to .
    If you have ideas on how you can make Bookmate better, go to .

    What about Bookmate for Android?

    We know what you ask about it. Now in the Android Market there is a version for phones based on HTC Sense, which does not work on regular Android. It works on HTC phones, but we are preparing something more useful for you - a version for any Android that works even better. The first thing we will write about it here, in a blog on Habré.

    Bookmate Team,

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