How to remember a JavaScript tutorial for 5 days, or the “Palace of Memory” in the programmer’s daily life


I go into the kitchen, and on the table sits a little gnome and twirls a penknife in his hands. I say something to the gnome, he spits unpleasantly sideways, reluctantly rises and cuts off a piece from the huge sausage that lies on the table. So I remembered the splice array method. The main idea of ​​the “Palace of Memory” is to come up with an image that is simply impossible to forget, and attach it in the imagination to a real place that you know well.


I studied as an accountant and understood quite early that it was not mine. Accounting is an auxiliary function that does not involve creation, but I wanted to be on the point of attack and create something. So I decided to relearn a programmer. I watched various courses, read literature, but the next episode was a key stage in my training.


My brother recommended the book “Einstein Walking the Moon”, which describes the technique of the “Palace of Memory”, with which the champions of speed memorization do wonders. For example, in an hour they can memorize a sequence of several thousand numbers. I read it and safely would have forgotten the content, if not an amusing case. I went to travel, but on the way I poisoned myself and ended up in the hospital. There, they quickly brought me to my senses, but were not in a hurry to write out. Head earned and demanded activity. It became boring, and I decided to try out the “Einstein's methods”, and there was an e-book with the textbook “Modern Javascript Textbook” just at hand.

The success of this has surprised me so far. For 5 days I managed to memorize about 250 images that carry some useful meaning, for example, a feature of syntax or some method. Now, to remember all that I know about arrays, just go to the right room - and the action begins. The right leg is in a pool of something sticky (the concat array method), there is a huge sausage on the table, one end of it looks like an ass (the pop array method), I do something obscene with this booty (the push array method), etc. .

I have a personal structured directory that works faster than Google, which is always at hand.

4 years have passed since that moment, now I am a professional front-end developer. I constantly use the “Palace of Memory” technique in my daily life.

Why does “Palace of Memory” work so well?

The fact is that the brain does not remember all the information equally easily. Our ancestors, hunters and gatherers, it was vital to know which plants are edible and which are not, where to find food and how to return home. Ancestors relied on these abilities of memory every day. It was in such conditions that we evolved.

But the need to memorize phone numbers, the history of Russia, or how JavaScript works, has recently appeared on the scale of human history. Therefore, our brain is ill suited for this.

Knowing this feature, we can use it. The trick is to encode a boring thing into a very bright, amazing image that is simply impossible to forget, and put it in a place that you know. Well, if the image involves many senses: let it touch you, make sounds, smell. Even better, he will do provocative and unusual things.


Anyone who is interested in this technique, I recommend the book “Einstein is walking on the moon. Science and the Art of Memorization. ”Joshua Foera.

I want as many people as possible to pay attention to such a powerful tool and learn how to use it.

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