Google will offer laptops with ChromeOS for $ 20 per month

    According to the plans of Google, the first laptops running the ChromeOS operating system should appear this summer. In this regard, the search giant has made a rather unusual decision to popularize its new brainchild - laptops with pre-installed ChromeOS will be available to customers almost by installments for $ 10-20 per month.

    This implementation scheme will be an experiment - for example, if a person purchased a computer for half the cost, then he will pay the second part of his price monthly for several months, while no commission or additional payments will be charged.

    Curious is the fact that with any purchase scheme, a person will be able to use the advanced features of services from Google, as well as receive a lifetime warranty on the gadget. In addition, the manufacturer will bear all the costs of upgrading the computer, in particular, replacing its outdated components.

    Something similar - a non-standard implementation scheme - in 2006 was already proposed by Microsoft to promote computers in emerging markets. But the FlexGo initiative, in which the user was supposed to pay not for the computer itself, but for the time it worked, was not supported and was minimized.

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