Twitter has greatly improved its search

    The management of the service Twitter announced an updated search, which, according to the developers, is three times faster than the previous one. A significant improvement in the search is due to the fact that the developers replaced Ruby-on-Rails with the Java-server Bender Blender. A graph was also uploaded to the public, showing how the search was improved.

    It is worth noting that the search on Twitter, it was decided to update after problems with the processing of search queries associated with the word "Tsunami". Why this request became so popular is understandable, and a week ago Twitter faced significant difficulties due to the increase in the number of such search queries. Generally speaking, users of the service generate about 1 billion requests per day - this is the official statistics provided by the resource itself.

    According to the Twitter team, after the introduction of Blender-a, everything became much better to work, and now the search on microblogs does not "slow down" like a week ago. Interestingly, now Twitter can work with the number of requests 10 times higher than the boundary load, with which the service was able to cope earlier.

    Technical information on the work done is available here . For Twitter, such a significant reduction in server load means an opportunity to save on the installation of additional equipment. For end users, this means speeding up the search and the service as a whole.

    Via Yahoo

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