Good fork example: UMPlayer

    The new version of UMPlayer 1.0 was released.

    UMPlayer is a cross-platform multimedia player. There are currently versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac Os.
    UMPlayer is essentially a fork of SMplayer, and just like the parent, it is also the frontend for Mplayer.
    A little interesting under the cut.

    The main pros are the following UMplayer features:
    - Built-in codec support (270 pieces);
    - plays Audio CDs, DVDs, (S) VCDs, TV / Radio cards, YouTube and SHOUTcast streams and incomplete or damaged multimedia files;
    - Well implemented search on Youtube and saving videos;
    - support for almost all keyboard shortcuts from Mplayer;
    - support for subtitles (there is a function for their search);
    - convenient equalizer for video and audio;
    - supports CSS skins, (in principle, this greatly simplifies the creation of an ideal interface)
    The developers have already drawn some basic good skins
    Black skin
    Gonzo skin
    Mac skin
    Modern skin
    Vista skin

    By default, the theme is set somewhat similar to Media Player Classic, so I advise esthetes to
    immediately change the skin .

    I personally programulin caused positive emotions.
    I'm glad that good things continue to be developed.

    Official site of the project:
    Link to the version for Ubuntu 10.04 and older: UMplayer 1.0

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