Archos 70 IT compact and inexpensive tablet video review

    Among the large number of large-sized tablets on Android , which have recently been announced in batches, the compact Archos 70 Internet Tablet stands out . This is not entirely new, but nevertheless the device deserves attention, because it simply does not have direct analogues. So video review:

    The firmware for the 7-inch Archos 70 IT is based on Android 2.2 . The configuration of the device is largely unusual. For example, he has only one camera, which is located on the front side, and on the case there are no buttons for control. Instead, screen counterparts.

    The tablet is positioned as a mobile media center, and exists in two versions: with a hard drive (250 GB) or flash memory (8 GB) . About the "media" show the pre-installed players for music and video. The latter supports most well-known formats, as well as switching audio tracks and subtitles. The device is also suitable for reading, games and the Internet.

    Despite the 1 GHz processor, we cannot say that Archos 70 ITvery powerful and productive gadget. With a large number of running applications, the speed of work is significantly reduced. However, if you work for a long time in any one program, the brakes disappear.


    I was upset that there was no GPS module and a SIM card slot in the kit. The built-in battery is quiet enough for a day of quite active use, and with average use, you can charge the device every two days.

    Overall, the Archos 70 Internet Tablet left a good impression. For its price ( 10,799 rubles for the 8 GB version and 13,499 rubles for 250 GB), it has decent features and capabilities and can occupy its niche in the emerging tablet market.

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