WhereBankomat - ATM search in Ukraine is now also on iPhone

    When I wrote a post that the WhereBankomat service was launched , looking for ATMs in Ukraine and showing them on the map, I did not expect at all what would happen.

    And here’s what happened: firstly, the service interested more people than I expected, secondly I received an offer from finance.ua, a very strange offer (in the end, nothing came of it) and most importantly - Slavik Bushtruk ( slatvick ) from Alterplay and his team proposed and made an iPhone app.


    Why do I need a program

    One way or another, we all looked for ATMs in a foreign city. You can search for ATMs on the bank's website, then run Google Maps and enter the address - you can. But it is long and not always convenient. Especially for this, I first made the website gdebankomat.com , and then the iPhone application appeared.

    How it works

    Immediately after opening the program, we will determine your location and show the nearest ATMs. For each ATM (and bank), we also show basic information: a hotline number and a website.


    You can also choose an ATM from the list of banks. At the moment, we have 50 banks and more than 12,000 ATMs in our database. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to cover all-all-all banks (for example, UkrSibBank, BrokBusinessBank, Prominvest), but we are constantly working on this so that the application always has up-to-date information.


    If the ATM is not at the indicated place (this also happens :() there is always the opportunity to warn us and other users about this.

    What problems did we have

    There are only two main problems. And both are associated with banks. Unfortunately, not a single more or less large bank or processing center went to meet us. We still cannot receive fresh ATM information from banks. For PrivatBank we parse their API, for PUMB and its Radius network and Atmosphere network we use Excel files with ATMs. For the rest of the banks, select with your hands .

    The second problem is not the relevance of the databases of the banks themselves. We were surprised to find that data on sites is rarely updated and late. And PrivatBank has its own internal API, which is used in their own application and which they are in no hurry to share.

    Future plans

    The Alterplay team promised in the near future to implement a search on ATM networks, and I, in turn, am engaged in maintaining the relevance of the database and adding new banks.
    Also in the plans:
    • more information on banks and ATMs: opening hours, currency, photo, CashIn
    • Comments on ATMs, statuses (no money, broken)
    • offline mode
    • sorting settlements by distance

    Where can I download


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