R01.ru Down

    Unavailable sites located on the hosting R01.ru. It is frightening that the R01.ru site itself is unavailable.
    I have never seen such a thing.
    Does anyone have any information what happened?

    UP. the site R01.ru has risen.
    It contains the following information:
    Attention! For technical reasons, there are interruptions in the work of some of the resources of customers. Employees of our company are doing everything possible to restore the correct operation of sites.
    Also, phones are not available for communication with specialists of the company. Please e-mail your questions to the appropriate services.
    We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

    Not too encouraging.

    R01 in the comments writes:
    Within an hour we plan to raise everyone - many have already risen.
    Within a few minutes, the domain registration system will work.

    All servers are back in service. The incident is over.

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