Perm is preparing to try a blogger who compared Bush and Hitler 6 years ago and quoted Hitler

    [coat of arms of Perm]A living joke, gentlemen: the domain name has nothing to do with new sperm (“new sperm”), but belongs to “Perm News” (“NewsPerm”).

    It is on this site that the news I want to share with you has appeared: on April 5, in Perm (see the emblem on the right), a trial has been scheduled for a Perm blogger named Roman Khozeev, who for a long time (in April 2005), acting under the pseudonym “ AZ ”at the Perm forum Teron.Ru , compared the US aggression against Iraq with the logic of Adolf Hitler, and so that the comparison does not look completely unfounded - selectively quoted Hitler’s main literary work, the book“ Mein Kampf ”(“ My Struggle ”).

    The website also writes that the Khozeyev’s case seems very strange due to the fact that the book “Mein Kampf” was put on the federal list of extremist materials only on March 24, 2010 (by decision of the Kirovsky District Court of Ufa): how can one be blamed on this basis? in extremism for quoting it half a decade earlier?

    [Mein Kampf]I’ll ask another rhetorical question: did Khozeev’s deed really have such a public danger that six years later (when the replica was probably forgotten at the forum and Bush is no longer the president in the States) it was necessary to extract this fact from the Internet archives and judge person for extremism? After all, it appears that Khozeev is not a Nazi, but a simple anti-bushist. Will this court bring benefit to society, or will it only contribute to the demonstration of official zealcouples three other officials?

    And when Roskomnadzor spends a couple of millions more (or even tens of millions) and therefore finally completes its ominous search robot-policeman , designed to automatically fight extremism on the Internet, will it not happen that hundreds and thousands of people Based on the distant and half-forgotten words of 2005 or 2006, automatically extracted from the archive and subjected to severe assessment, they will suddenly be under investigation and “earn” a fine, criminal record, arrest and so on? And how will those comments that you all leave on Habrahabr in 2017 — forward, reproved, Peter the Little Pig, and so on, respond in 2017?

            Comrade, believe: it will pass -
            And democracy, and publicity ...
            And then the state security will
            Remember our names! ...

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