- check site status

    A year ago, my best friend [ Dzuba ] wrote a site accessibility check service.
    So he works all year. Doesn’t bother anyone. Not monetized. Often, when the site does not work, you ask yourself questions like: - What's the matter? - Maybe my provider has a problem? - Or on a hosting server? - Or maybe the site has recently been moved, and DNS records were cached? Now it's easy to find out the truth in an accessible way! The service can: - Identify problems in the configuration of DNS records that impede access to the site. - Identify problems in the configuration of the HTTP server that impede access to the site.

    The test results are displayed in a short verbal form. If necessary, you can see more detailed technical information.

    The service supports:
    - Domains of the second, third and more levels, including those distributed across several servers.
    - Checking the availability of HTTP for the specified address of the page of the site, and not for the main page.
    - HTTP redirects with the function of fast transition to the redirection address.

    This year I have used the service more than 20 times. I think it will be useful to you.

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