- new PHPShop online store rental service


    We are pleased to introduce - a new store rental service on the PHPShop platform. The service was created on the basis of SaaS and allows users to create and develop their online business without unnecessary effort and investment.

    We offer for rent the flagship version - PHPShop Enterprise , which is by far the best selling among all versions of PHPShop. PHPShop Enterprise platform communicates with payment systems, synchronizes with Yandex.Market and Rambler-Purchases, can be filled in batch via Excel, automatically cuts images to the specified size, filters products for the buyer, notifies the administrator by mail and sms, supports the sale of electronic content.

    Prices for rental online store PHPShop Enterprise vary between 599 - 1900 rubles. per month, and additional costs for hosting are excluded, as well as efforts associated with installing the script - in order to use the service, it is enough to register. A 45-day demo period and a free tariff are provided, at which the platform’s functionality is unlimited.

    The main advantage of Shopbuilder is that the user receives constant active technical support and automatic updates, as well as the opportunity to fully personalize the design of the online store - all access to the source code of the template is provided in the demo version.

    In addition, we do not limit the freedom of choice of the user - at any time you can purchase a full license at the usual price - 11,790 rubles, with all store data saved.

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