Spring update, part 1 "Cake"

    Hello. We worked hard all winter and prepared a pretty big spring update. It will take place in two stages and will be extended over several weeks. The first stage, which we decided to talk about today, is accompanied by a photo of a chocolate cake with the Habrahabr logo and, as it were, hints at something about the cakes, sometimes mentioned in a particular context in the context of the site.

    From centralization to decentralization

    From today, all registered users, instead of the usual main page with hacked posts from all blogs, will see a new habrant, renamed to the feed - an old, but not very popular section of the site, which suddenly got a second wind.

    As before, only blog posts that the user is subscribed to are broadcast in the feed. On the right of the page, settings are available that allow you to quickly change the subscription and configure the Habr to your liking. Now you can read only blogs about programming, or about layout and administration. You can read about project management, and if you are only interested in a blog about algorithms - please, there will only be algorithms. As you set up, it will be so. By choosing the right blogs, you will automatically subscribe to them - you no longer need to do this manually by going separately to each blog.

    To make the new feed the main section of the site, we had to try. For all the time, 992 blogs were created on Habré, many of which, through the prism of reality, were unclaimed. To put things in order in all this chaos, we started a “big wash” - first we removed all the empty blogs, of which there were more than 200 pieces. Then we sorted out the blogs, where there were only a few posts, or which were not updated for a long time. When it became more free, we began to combine blogs with similar topics (there were VERY many of them too), and the content of the frankly “left” (beyond the scope of the site) merged into a specially created blog “Subconscious” (at the moment this is the largest blog on the site , but this is not a reason to publish in it everything that occurs in the subconscious).

    Then we removed the administrators and moderators from the blogs - the “vigilant” administrators and moderators still did not notice this, but otherwise there was more harm than good from this function.

    The final stage of refactoring was the reorganization of blogs. We examined the available categories and came to the conclusion that some of them are redundant, and some, on the contrary, are not enough. So we removed the unnecessary, added the right, and then redistributed all the blogs into new categories. In connection with this event, we strongly recommend that you study the “new” blogs, for which just go through the entire list and subscribe to what you are interested in - now, with a high probability, all blogs will be “live”. We also hope that now there will be no confusion when choosing a blog during the creation of a post - everything has become more or less unambiguous. But if you have ideas for reorganization or suggestions on topics for new blogs - please contact here .

    In general, we got what we wanted - a fairly clear and expandable structure, with a clear emphasis on information technology.

    How to read the "old" main page?

    Now Habrahabr is able to remember which tab was last opened: “Tape”, “All”, “Thematic” or “Corporate”. The next time you visit the Habr’s main page, by default, the tab that was last opened will be available. Thus, registered users can customize the output of the main page and read either all posts, or the feed, or only corporate blogs - as you like.

    What else?

    - Updated corporate blog administration panel. Now it will be easier for companies to analyze the interest and relevance of their articles and make appropriate adjustments in their work;
    - In the field for writing comments, answers to questions and comments on answers, buttons for the most popular tags have appeared;
    - For users with the "Old-timer", "Author", "Star" and "Legend" badges, the option "do not show ads" has appeared (see the "Privacy" section);
    - The user’s profile has the ability to leave a secret note that will be visible only to the author;
    - In the site search, it became possible to search for a request in other search engines (Yandex, Google and Bing);
    - In the “Q&A” section, your search appeared - we don’t know how you used to live without it;
    - Grubby users can now also save posts in drafts;
    - The rubricator now displays the number of blogs in each category;
    - Large pictures in the comments are now also scaled;
    - The post title is now displayed in the RSS comments feed;
    - Fixed “404” errors in the “Invites” and “Summary” sections;
    - Fixed bug with saving resume;
    - Actual changes in the information section;
    - A few dozen small ficuses around the site, which you will not even notice.
    - Made RSS for new blogs

    For now, this is all we are ready to talk about. The second part of the spring update will be in a few weeks. Stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to the blog with announcements, if not already subscribed.

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