Extension to automatically fill out forms with generated content

    The essence of this extension is quite simple: by pressing the hot keys or icon in the toolbar, all form fields on the page are filled with random letters and numbers depending on the type of field, non-negative values ​​are selected in dropdowns, checkboxes change their status, and radio buttons are positioned. At the moment there are not many different, recognizable types of fields, but this is enough for the vast majority of forms.

    Initially, this extension was a small script on one very large project with a huge number of various forms. Like many things created by man, this script was created thanks to the usual laziness well known to each of us. And of course, filling in dozens of input fields is much faster by pressing three buttons on the keyboard. And after some time, the same simple function was not enough for other projects. Accordingly, the idea of ​​a plug-in suggested itself.

    Work example:

    A specially trained settings page will help to slightly expand the range of possibilities. Of course, you can customize the hot keys. For fields where email is somehow mentioned (in classes, identifier or name), the name and host are configured: generated or permanent. The same is for passwords (by default, 123123 is entered everywhere).

    Settings window:

    In the near future:
    • Add a special mode when, instead of calm, measured behavior, the extension starts adding non-existent values ​​to dropdowns, inserting quotes and various interesting brackets everywhere, trying to insert values ​​too long into fields and even (oh no!) Change hidden fields. In general, try to upset the harmony of the web developer and break something. Well, for the tests, of course.
    • Make custom field type definition keywords.
    • Allow the user to change the intended field type directly on the page from the context menu.
    • Extend the settings with some parameters and add the ability to use presets.

    The author of the topic and the agacon extension itself will be happy to hear your comments, comments and suggestions.

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