New Easter demopati in Germany: REVISION 2011 (ex-Breakpoint)

    The tradition of making large and real (no gamers!) Demopati for Easter in Germany continues! Breakpoint lasted 8 years, and the last time was held in April last year. Time to move on - REVISION 2011.

    Some of the Breakpoint organizers recruited new people, really discussed everything to make this new demopati even better than the previous ones and try to incorporate the advantages of other European demoparty into it, and, finally, chose a new place.

    Meet: Germany, Saarbrücken, April 22-25, 2011.

    So, a new place: Saarbrücken is a small calm town in the south-west of Germany, very close to the French border. Demopati will be held in a spacious hall for 1000 people, where everyone must have enough space. It is also unconditional, as always, that you can sit in plenty on the grass or around the campfire in the open air. And of course, there are hotels nearby where you can sleep if you do not want to spend the night in the hall.

    The schedule is traditional: on Friday everyone arrives, settles down, watches the opening ceremony. On Saturday and Sunday - the main competitions, and on Monday - the results and closing.

    The rules have changed a bit: for example, there are no more restrictions on the size of large demos, and all graphics and drawings are combined into one category. New compos: tracker music and demo-in-browser. Well, the traditional 64k and 4k demos, of course, have not gone anywhere.

    How to get there Cheaper and easier - through Riga, from where Ryanair Airlines can fly to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, where you and other sceners can pick up a special bus going directly to Revision. There are many other ways.

    Last year at Breakpoint 2010 was just incredibly cool (see report), and I sincerely wish everyone to go there, feel this incredible atmosphere and chat with smart and nice people. Even if you yourself do not write demo scenes or music, and you are just a “spectator”, I promise you that after such a demopathy you will certainly have a strong desire to create something yourself.

    Links: - official site. is the official video blog.
    Revision 2011 on Google Maps
    Rumors and Facts by Rebels - demo party invitation.
    Revision 2011 Invitation by Resource - Demo Invitation, Commodore 64.

    And Remember: Only Amiga makes it possible!

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