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    While on many sites personal notes about users began to appear, on habrahabr there is still no such possibility. But putting + or - then the user then practically does not remember what and why. Also, there is nowhere to write about the user any additional data that, for example, he did not write in the profile, but told in some comment. As a result, I had to write a user script - (sometimes userscripts are turned on and then you can install the script by direct link: ).
    This script adds this feature on its own, saving notes in your browser (in localstorage). Of course, if you clean localstorage, everything will sink into oblivion, but there is no better solution yet, so you have to be content with what you have.
    The script was tested in Google Chrome and FireFox, in Opere it should work without problems, and maybe in IE8 it can (there is support for localstorage and addon that allows you to load user scripts).

    It will look like this:

    Now under the username there will be a gray rectangle with a note, clicking on which a field for editing will appear. If you wrote everything correctly - press Enter or click somewhere on the page. If you change your mind - Escape.

    It seems like everything. Yes, it may look crooked, but I'm not a web developer at all. Suggest what to correct - I will be glad.


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