Google satellite imagery catalog

    Last summer, I submitted the project to the court of the habrasociety . Thanks to the advice and criticism of the habrayuzers, the project turned out to be quite comfortable to use, and tenacious. Not as popular as we would like, but it has its own audience. Currently, more than a hundred sites use maps from MakeMap and more than four thousand points are generated by users.

    Oh yes, why am I all.
    But to what.
    After analyzing the use of the service, the idea came to me to create a catalog of interesting places that can be viewed on satellite images. After searching the search engines, I did not find similar projects and decided to implement it.

    And I got A small collection of coordinates with interesting, strange and simply beautiful views of our vast planet. On the site you can see a flying rocket, African elephants, a flock of flying flamingos, the Eiffel Tower and much more ...

    All places in the catalog are sorted by keywords, a detailed description is available (if it is possible to find it to a specific place), of course there is a rating showing the best places on the main page, and of course comments. The catalog is regularly updated.

    There is also the opportunity to offer your place for placement in the catalog. Added places are currently being moderated before being posted. I plan to implement the addition of places by registered users.

    Technical implementation:

    Control system - MODx 1.0.4
    Used snippets:
    Ditto, tvTagCloud, TagLinks, eForm, AnythingRating, AjaxSearch and a couple of trivial details.
    Also, the Docmanager library is used to add places to the site.

    In general - you are welcome to evaluate and scold.
    I will be glad to answer all your questions.

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