Satellite lost after launch

    The next (already the fourth in a calendar year) Russian satellite was lost to the state and turned into a pile of useless iron.

    Such conclusions can be drawn from the information about the geodesic military spacecraft Geo-IK-2 launched into space last night from the cosmodrome in Plesetsk.

    After starting at some stage, communication with the satellite was lost. Then, while the Russian MCC was “looking for” a satellite, it was already being monitored by specialists from the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command.

    After some time, information appears that our experts have established communication with the device. But, as it turns out, the satellite did not enter the supposed "circular" orbit, but "elliptical" and slightly higher than the specified one.

    The conclusions of sources in the rocket and space industry are disappointing: "The satellite will not be able to perform its functions."

    Finita la comedy! The fourth satellite, built on taxpayer money, is up and down.

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