Special version of the main page for iPhone and Android

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Today we begin testing a new version of the Yandex home page for iPhone and Android.

We have significantly redesigned the interface, adapting it to large screens and controlling the finger, not the stylus. For better readability, we removed the underline of links, separated the blocks from each other by indentation and different background colors. At the very end of the page is a surprise: the photo of the day has become large and beautiful. 

See for yourself:

The new version is already available for some users of these devices at www.yandex.ru (do not forget to log in from the phone). If you see the old one instead, it's okay, after testing, the new version will be available to all users. For the most impatient, we have prepared a special link - http://m.yandex.ru/?new=1 - on it the main page for iPhone and Android is available now.

Waiting for your feedback!

Yandex home page team


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