Steve Pavlina leaves Facebook

    One of the most famous (and most successful) bloggers, Steve Pavlina, announced the closure of his personal Facebook page.

    This act was caused by the inconvenience of administering a highly visited account and a lot of various spam.

    Steve makes the following comments on the service:
    • The inability to add more than 5,000 friends, which was not enough for a famous blogger’s account.
    • The inconvenience associated with the different administration interfaces of the personal page and the fan account page.
    • A lot of spam.
    • The inability of the account holder to deny access to specific users to his page.
    • Inability to disable some of the default notification subscriptions (in particular, event notifications).
    • Lack of response by the administration to user complaints about problems.

    Steve makes an assumption about the administration’s intentional unwillingness to limit spam activity related to the general course of the company to increase all kinds of interactions between users, despite the fact that many spammers often use it.

    He's writing:
    The business model of Facebook is based on making you spend more time on their site. In combination with some other observations that I noticed while maintaining very active pages on their site, the conclusion suggests that these errors were made intentionally. For most users, they do not create enough problems to force the service to leave, but enough to force them to spend a little more time on it. A single spam message looks like an accident if it appears once or twice a year, but it forces you to visit a site where, thanks to advertising, you will ensure Facebook’s income. Multiply one seemingly random message by 500 million users and you will see that it looks very profitable.

    And finally - apologies to the army of its fans (Facebook friends):
    I reached the threshold when Facebook's problems began to block their benefits. I decided that it would be best to just drop everything and start spending this time on something else.
    If you are one of those who actively chatted with me on Facebook, and you were upset by my decision, I apologize. One way or another, everything that happens is all for the better.

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