An open letter from the President of Google Empire to the global community

    The universal human ability to communicate with each other is a key factor in rapid evolution and economic growth. Language Esperanto was invented in the last century as a politically neutral language that should encourage peace and international understanding. Since its inception, we have seen firsthand the advantages of an artificial language:
    • The crystalline form of communication, unsullied by the cultural context;
    • Widespread use of at least 10,000 people;
    • Independent (and almost compatible) dialects that not only bring an extra opportunity for speakers, but also encourage healthy competition and innovation.
    We expect even more communication between people in the coming year, and therefore focus on our investments in those languages ​​that are based on basic linguistic principles. To this end, we have replaced the spoken and written language of our people in order to make it consistent with the forms of speech already approved by the Society for the Creation of Languages . We especially support Esperanto and the Klingon languages, and we are considering adding support for other high-quality languages ​​in the future. Although Englishcontinues to play an important role in modern society, however, in accordance with our goal of supporting open innovation, its further use as a means of communication in our empire will be banned, and our resources will be concentrated in languages ​​that are not tainted by use in the real world.

    These changes will happen over the next few months, but we are reporting them now to give our citizens the opportunity to transfer libraries around the world to Esperanto.

    Dankon, nedankinde!

    PS: This is a translation of Tim Snif 's ingenious parody of a recent Google message about the abandonment of the H.264 codec.
    PPS: Do not forget to hover over the used links in the text - they are also parody :)

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