Corporate colors of sites and companies


    From time to time, I get the feeling that large sites gravitate towards blue hues in the design and logos. I decided that the holidays are a good reason to kill a little time and figure out whether it is reality or just a “facebook effect”.

    So as not to get up twice, I also checked if there is a correlation with ordinary, offline companies.

    An example of a site is shown next to the color (a little more click):

    As it was believed

    It is based on the assumption that the main color of the favicon of the site is the corporate color of the site / company.
    In a simple way ( hostname / favicon.ico ) sparsil favicons.
    I posterized them according to this palette:
    There is nothing natural in it, the colors were chosen so that the algorithm gives the most human results. Corporate color should occupy> 50% of non-white pixels of the image.


    What is it for? Any, even the most useless, statistics should have a conclusion :-)
    Possible explanations:
    • Blue is considered the calmest. Red is too aggressive, black is gloomy, green is not serious ...
    • Blue generally prevails in the visual range of a person.
    • This is an absolute coincidence, a slight increase in the entropy of the universe. And when landing, a UFO illuminates the ground with blue spotlights.

    PS To make it not so boring, a complete combine of favicons of top sites.
    PPS Post does not carry any useful information, it is useless to look for it. Written out of sports interest and love of statistics.

    UPD In the comments, a more fundamental study was found on the topic (popular brands are considered).
    UPD2. Almost identical in theory analysis with stunning illustrations (about him, it turns out, there was even a topic on the Habré).

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