Making Desire HD from Desire

    Just a couple of days ago, I read the post Second Life of HTC HD2 and thought, is it possible to make Desire HD from my Desire? As it turned out, it is possible, and not even very difficult. In general, after some time thinking about the pros and cons of switching to HD, I proceeded to the transformation. After all the steps, I got all the capabilities of Desire HD in the Desire package. No problems or errors have arisen.

    For those who are difficult to decide whether to switch to Desire HD, I advise you to read the article From HTC Desire to HD: is it worth it? . And I will continue for those who are already sure that they want to update their device.

    detailed instructions

    Before telling how all this is done, I must warn about the most important minus. With this update, you lose your HTC warranty . But at any time you can roll back and get a pristine Desire with factory firmware, and with it, accordingly, a guarantee. Alas, HTC does not support phones with root (super-user), although there are many more lotions. Here is a link right away if you need to roll back the firmware.

    Well, I warned you, so if it doesn’t scare, let's get started. The original instructions can be read here .

    To complete all the transformations you will need:
    • HTC Desire
    • USB cable
    • A computer
    • Free time

    Required files (it is better to download them immediately):

    Unrevoked for Mac and Linux can be downloaded from the Unrevoked website .

    That's it! Getting started.

    1) The most important thing to do before installation is to remove HTC Sync . You need to remove it from the computer (including all drivers), and from the phone. Do not worry, after flashing you can put everything back. If you do not delete Sync, then the flashing program simply will not see the phone and you still have to delete it, but already restarting the computer and phone a couple of times. Also, do not forget to backup all data and contacts , as everything will be erased.

    2) Now, to connect the phone to the computer, we need to install the driver. This is done quite simply.
    • Unzip the downloaded USB-Driver file to your convenience
    • Turn off the phone
    • Connect the phone with a USB cable to the computer
    • Launch your phone in HBOOT mode (hold down the volume down key and turn it on)
    • After starting the phone, wait until SD cheking and HBOOT USB PLUG appears on the screen
    • Open the device manager on the computer
    • Locate Android device in uninstalled devices. Right-click on it, click “Update Driver” and select the installation from the folder where you unpacked the downloaded file.

    There is also a video instruction, perhaps someone will understand it.

    After these actions, the computer sees our device and, in fact, we can do anything with it.

    3) Restart the phone in normal mode. Turn on the “Only charging” mode in the settings for connecting to a computer and check the box “Remember my choice”. Also, enable Debug mode on the Menu-Settings-Applications-Development page.

    Make sure the phone is connected to the computer. Run the downloaded Unrevoked 3 program . It is possible that the program will not see your phone. If this happens, then check whether you deleted HTC Sync, whether your device is in the device manager and whether debugging modes and charging only are turned on. Problems can arise only because of this.

    If you did everything right, then the program itself will do everything that is needed. Follow her requirements and that’s it. Perhaps she will ask you to restart the phone. In any case, after 3-7 minutes, your phone will be with root and you can install applications that require it (for example, Screenshot) on it.

    UPD: Sergey Prikhodko shared. “I was flashing the phone and faced a certain difficulty.
    I was able to overcome it, and decided to share.

    If you do not install HTC Sync on your computer at all, then step 3 will not work, since the devices will contain an ADB device, but I did not find a driver for it separately.

    The only solution is to install and remove HTC Sync, and the HTC Driver Installer will remain installed.

    4) Download using the Market or manuallyROM Manager . This program will help us split the memory card into 2 sections and install the firmware and the radio module.

    The first thing we will do is break the card. Now all applications will be installed on the card and you will not experience any inconvenience with the fact that the phone runs out of memory. To be more precise, only the application will be installed on the phone, its foundation, and all caches, settings, data will be on the card. Remember that this action will delete all data from the memory card.

    In order to do this, run the installed ROM manager and select “Partition SD Card”. Then select Ext Size, that is, just the place where the programs will be stored. I chose 512MB, because I put a lot of applications. Next, you need to select the Swap size, the so-called virtual memory. Here it will be optimally 128Mb. Then click OK, the phone reboots and crashes your card. There may be problems during the reboot. You will see an android icon and an exclamation mark. Do not be afraid, just restart the phone, go to ROM Manager and repeat the procedure. Now everything should work.

    5) Now that we have a broken memory card, we proceed to install the radio module.
    Download Radio to the memory card (First rename it to
    Open all the same ROM Manager, select the item “Install ROM from SD Card” and find our there . We select it and in the menu that appears, remove all the checkmarks and click OK. The phone will reboot and everything will be installed.
    Again, it may happen that the phone does not start the installation. To do this, turn off the phone, turn it on in HBOOT mode and select Recovery.

    6) We proceed, finally, to installing the firmware. We do everything the same as in the previous paragraph with the Desire HD firmware file . With only one difference: when a window pops up after selecting a file, you need to check all the boxes . Well, if the phone does not start the installation itself, then, as in the previous paragraph, run the Recovery item.

    For 5-10 minutes, he will backup your system and install a new one. After that, the phone will start with the already new HTC Sense interface, new applications and features. After that, both archives ( and ReflexTSenseHD_1.4.1_Sense_DHD_2.2_FRF91_A2SD + .zip can be deleted from the memory card so as not to take up space. They are no longer needed). Installation may take longer than 10 minutes. If you are sure that you did everything right, then wait and don’t touch anything. First, the HTC screen appears, then a black screen, then the buttons light up, then the splash screen, and only after that the desktop.

    I also advise you to go into the Spare Parts application, select “Basic SpareParts Settings” at the very bottom and set the “Windows animations” and “Transition animations” items there to Fast or Off. This is necessary so that there is no braking effect when switching windows.

    UPD: If in paragraphs 5 and 6, an android will appear with an exclamation point enough:
    1. press the power button,
    2. select “install zip from sdcard”, press the joystick
    3. select “toggle signature verification”, press the joystick (see Signature Check: Disabled below ) to disable the verification of the signature for the device
    4. select "choose zip from sdcard", select the file itself and press the joystick

    Congratulations! You have Desire HD (except for a couple of points, for example, screen size)

    So, what’s new. I will consider only a few changes, as in principle, you just got Desire HD, and its functions can be read on the Internet.

    Now you can register your phone on and get the opportunity to redirect calls and SMS, block the phone via the Internet and call it if you’ve lost somewhere in the apartment.

    There is an HTC Hub where you can download various themes, tunes and more.

    Now you can quickly search many resources at once.

    The camera interface has changed.

    The most important thing: now with Desire you can shoot in HD

    Well, about one feature of Root. In addition to the fact that now you can take screenshots directly from the phone (this is prohibited in an unrouted device), an illegal Android.Market has appeared here. In general, if your moral principles allow you to use free programs for which the rest pay, then please. But it is on your conscience.

    Good luck to everyone who decides to make Desire HD out of their Desire. If there are any problems that I did not describe - write, we'll figure it out together.
    I express my deep gratitude to m1kser , who helped me to go this way and not break on the third point.

    Holiday greetings!

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