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    Each of you must know what remote access programs are and why they are needed. This blog is dedicated to one of these programs, which, I think, does not need a special introduction. Having appeared 11 years ago, Radmin has become very popular both in Russia and far beyond its borders. He speaks 27 languages ​​around the world that remotely controlling computers can be safe, fast, and as simple as pressing a key.

    This blog is designed to share practical tips, guides, subtleties and tricks of using programs for remote computer control in any situation. We will try to tell you how to effectively solve a variety of tasks related to system administration, technical support, and the deployment of integrated software in distributed networks of various sizes. We will also talk about the basic mechanisms for setting up and working with Radmin, and about new, unusual solutions, conduct version testing, give gifts, and of course, tell us what's interesting happens! On the sidelines of the habr we will talk about Radmin a little more than on the official website and we will be able to share experiences. Moreover, some of the authors of our blog are well-known to you habravchane, professional programmers,

    From the origins ...

    Do you know that Radmin was born in Russia over 11 years ago? The author of the first version, a talented programmer Dmitry Znosko at that time graduated from Moscow State University, and to write a diploma he needed a program that would allow him to connect to a remote server. It took six months of painstaking work before the task was solved. So Radmin appeared, who quickly scattered among friends and acquaintances, first conquered America, and then Russia, to which information technology progress came a little later. Since then, Dmitry has been the owner of Famatek, whose flagship product is Radmin.

    Safety is most important ...

    “Radmin has a“ paranoid ”security system, and breaking it is more expensive for itself,” said one American hacker. Once we held a contest among programmers and hackers around the world: we offered a reward to someone who can access Radmin installed on a public server on the Internet. After numerous attempts, no one was able to crack the Radmin authentication system. There were even attempts to hack the hoster, which were also unsuccessful. Over the entire existence of the program, no vulnerabilities were found in Radmin and there were no exploits that could use them. Not many remote access programs can boast of this.

    We welcome questions as well as suggestions for topics for our posts and discussions. Suggest them in the comments and we will open them immediately.


    Natalya Grigoryeva

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